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Subject: As in title.

Description: As in the video below. The passenger falls off the motorbike only when the driver gets in again.

Reproducible: Almost always.

What you were doing when the bug happened: [spoiler][/spoiler]

What you think caused the bug: New sync ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's @Kewun (he also had other accounts here) server btw.
Well, I have a problem that can be seen in the film. (sorry for quality).

When current packet loss reaches 100%, I can't write on chat and spawn. I see what others write in the chat. The problem occurs after a few minutes from the entrance to the server. This problem is repeated for each server. The problem doesn't occur on hamachi. I don't have this problem on 0.3, Liberty Unleashed or another multiplayer.  I have XP SP3.