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🎉🌟 Attention VCMP Clan Members! You're Invited to the Asian City Triple Clash - ACTC Event! 🌟🎉

How it Works:
Join our AC discord:

Gather your team of 3 or 4, including the captain.
Copy and fill out the format in the ⁠team-applications board.
Interested in becoming a referee? Copy and fill out the format in the ⁠referee-applications  board.
Each team can have 4 players (including the captain), with 3 players playing and 1 player as a sub.

Winning Team:15USD Dollars, $2M, a Hydra, and a Ferrari vehicle.

Runner-up Team: $1M and an Infernus Vehicle.

Match Hosting:
Format: 3 vs 3.
Limited weapons during matches.
Each match consists of 3 rounds, each lasting 15 minutes.
Scoring: Each kill earns 1 point, while spree will give you +3 score.

Server IP :

Last Date to Apply : 27/03/2024
For more Info you can Check