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Started by NewK, Aug 13, 2015, 12:14 AM

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I use Q and E to switch weapons bruh

Good that we can change them


Introducing the second edition of the Team Tournament for Capture the Flag (CTF)! Apply now to assemble your dream team and showcase your prowess in the exhilarating world of Capture the Flag.

As suggested by the title, this team tournament is not limited to clans! A team of five players can form up their own team and apply for the tournament. Whether you are in a clan, or clanless, you can be part of this thrilling tournament.

Tournament Format:
The tournament format revolves around teams forming their own group of at least five active members and applying through the designated "Team Applications" board. Once accepted, teams will be randomly divided into two groups (A - B).

The tournament will follow a simple Point-based system for the group stage. In group stage, a win earns your team 3 points. A draw gives both team 1 point. Losing a match gives 0 point.

Each team will face every other team from their group. Once every team has completed their matches or the deadlines reaches, the group stage will end. The first two (or more depending on how many teams apply) teams with higher score will qualify for the next stage.

The information for next stage will be posted when Group Stage is concluded.

Matches Format:
Matches will be played in a 5x5 format with 3 subs per team. Before starting a match, both teams will be asked to choose 3 bases on which they want to play. There will be six bases in total in every match. Each base will take 10 minutes to complete.

If a team chooses a base in any match, they cannot choose it again for the whole tournament. For example, if a team chooses to play 24/7 Tools base, they will not be allowed to choose the same base again for the rest of the event.

If both teams pick the same base in a match, the base is played twice.

Gather your team of elites, and seize the opportunity to become known as one of the greatest. So what are you blabbering big mouth, eh? Enlist yourself!

FAQs: Here
CTF Discord
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