[Squirrel] Discord Bot Script

Started by Anish87, Oct 25, 2020, 02:59 PM

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Discord Bot - Squirrel

Author: Anish87 (Me)
Modules used: Sleepy Discord Module for VC:MP(Squirrel) by Luckshya
Thanks to:
Luckshya(for listening to my similar queries again and again),
Spiller(for giving me perfect idea for implementation)

I was messing with the new plugin as the old one stopped supporting any new channels I made, IDK why. Thus, I thought of remaking my old Discord script for the new module. I was having a lil bit of difficulties but Spiller and Luckshya helped me through.
A friend of mine was also confused about the usage of the new module... So, I thought I shall upload this for everyone, to clear the difficulties.
Here's the link to the GitHub repository where I have uploaded the script along with the plugins for 64-bit systems.
Discord Bot - Squirrel


  • Added a role class to call for roles with a better approach.
  • Did major update in the structure and explanation.
Click here to check the script out.