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Vice City Cops And Robbers 0.4
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What's new?
  • Notorious bugs fixed (ex: players disappearing from radar, bank money in minus and many more.
  • Jobs changed to be better and more fun: hitman, drug dealer. To be changed: Taxi driver, paramedic.
  • New vehicle system (Improvements to be added later).
  • Many new and improved features.
  • No deathmatching.
  • No flaming.
  • No spamming.
  • No command abusing.
  • No advertising.
  • Cops are in no way allowed to team with criminals.
More details at the forum.
Since we have turned VCCNR off in 0.3, we have noticed many copies using old leaked scripts, do NOT use the same password you've used in any other 0.3 server here, we take no responsibility if your account gets stolen or if all your stats are suddently gone, if you have already registered and used an old password then use /setmypass and change it before it's too late.
Since July 2012 when we have run the first Cops And Robbers gamemode on VC:MP we have tried to make the gameplay experience as enjoyable as possible. It's been a great and funny time even though due to the lack of functions to work with, we decided on May 2013 to turn the server off. On August 2014 we have run the first Cops And Robbers server on VC:MP 0.4, after weeks of testing and bug fixing we finally managed to put online a stable and fully working server, which is in any sight better.
The new gamemode offers a brand new look, a stable system and a smooth gameplay.
For anyone who is interested for the admin position, the applications at the forum are open, goodluck.
We will also be offering special gifts to returning and new members at the forum.
That's all folks, stay safe!
Re: Vice City Cops And Robbers 0.4
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Hello folks.
Today we introduce to you a major update for the house system.
We have implemented interiors to every house, which are accessible via command. You can enter a house by standing near it's pickup and using /enterh ID (if it is not locked). You can also lock your house using /lockh ID and unlock it with /unlockh  ID, after you lock your house nobody will be able to enter it except you and the admins of course. Hope you enjoy it.
Commands: /enterh, /exith, /lockh, /unlockh.
A huge thanks goes to Seby and Castiel for mapping the awesome interiors for the houses, we will be adding more interiors in future.
You can also create an interior yourself using any mapping software and submit it to the staff, we will than inspect it and decide if it will be implemented or not.
Posted: June 9th, 2015, 01:51 PM

I hereby introduce to you the new User Control Panel, to login use your ingame username and password. From there you can manage your account and view your own or someone else's stats (Your signature is also shown on your profile page). You can use the control panel to change your ingame password, sell your vehicles/properties and unshare your vehicles/properties, for the stuff you sell via the control panel you get the full price not half of it. More abilities are to be added soon for example sending money to an other account and more. Stay tuned and enjoy.
Note: In case of any problems, please report them. Thank you!


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Re: Vice City Cops And Robbers 0.4
« Reply #6, on November 14th, 2015, 03:33 PM »
Introducing the Community Market!

The Community Market is a new User Control Panel feature where you can sell or buy vehicles at a desired price.
To submit a vehicle to the community market you will have to go to your Vehicles and click on the "Submit to community market" icon, you will be redirected to a page where you can specify the price and description. After submitting your vehicle to the Community Market you won't be able to sell or give your vehicle to anyone until you remove it from the community market by clicking on the "Remove" button. When someone buys the vehicle it will be assigned to the new owner and you will receive the price you specified when you submitted the vehicle.
Re: Vice City Cops And Robbers 0.4
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Vice City Cops And Robbers (build 5.0 b) released!
Current server IP:
In case you experience any problems, please report them immediately to any available staff member ingame or on IRC ( #VCCNR ).
Thank you!