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I convert minecraft worlds to VCMP, if you want your worlds to be converted, shoot me a PM! (Please note the paintings, flower pots, armour stands and custom skulls won't be converted within the model. Also big objects won't be converted)


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You can contact me using Discord, at Developers.CPP( check off-board to find the invite link )
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[Custom Object] Re: Detached interior objects
« Reply #3, on February 18th, 2016, 12:12 AM »
Haha, I also detached objects from interiors (for DayDream server), and also started with ap3c. :D
Such a coincidence. Good job, would be awesome to see more and more objects detached. (I continued with Phil's caravan: fridge, cooker, but then got bored of everything)
Anyway, yours are looking better: lighted, all textured correctly.
(I wasn't that careful with few objects and didn't texture correctly all missing parts, and also I have never knew how to light them properly - tested in zmodeler - you should make a tutorial :D )

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