Server/Squirrel Update Released (July 17)

Started by Stormeus, Jul 17, 2016, 07:49 AM

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An update for VC:MP 0.4 (04rel004) servers has been released.

Server Update Released
  • Fixed plugins not being able to retrieve the value for the DisableHeliBladeDamage flag
  • Fixed getters for time rate and /kill command delay returning smaller, incorrect values
  • Kick and ban packets are now sent with immediate priority to fix issues with kicked/banned players appearing to time out, especially in low latency situations.

Windows Server (x86)
Windows Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)

An update for Squirrel has also been released:
  • Updated the Squirrel runtime from 3.1 beta 1 to 3.1.0 stable

[spoiler=Squirrel changelog]
***version 3.1 stable***
-added slice range for tolower and toupper
-added startswith() and endswith() in string lib
-added SQ_EXCLUDE_DEFAULT_MEMFUNCTIONS to exclude default mem fuction from compilation
-added sq_getreleasehook
-added thread.wakeupthrow()
-added sq_pushthread
-added \u and \U escape sequence for UTF8,UTF16 or UCS4 characters
-added CMake scripts(thx Fabian Wolff)
-the escape character \x is based on sizeof(SQChar)
-fixed several warnings(thx Markus Oberhumer)
-fixed optimizer bug in compound arith oprators(+=,-= etc...)
-fixed sq_getrefvmcount() (thx Gerrit)
-fixed sq_getrefcount() when no references were added with sq_addref() (thx Gerrit)
-fixed bug in string.tointeger() (thx Domingo)
-fixed weakref comparison in 32bit builds using doubles(thx Domingo)
-fixed compiler bug(thx Peter)
-fixed some error in the documentation(thx Alexander)
-fixed some error reporting in compiler(thx Alexander)
-fixed incorrect optional semicolon after "if block"(thx Alexander)
-fixed crash bug in compiler related to compound arith operators(+=,-= etc...) (thx Jeff1)

***2015-01-10      ***
***version 3.1 RC 1***
-added new header sqconfig.h for all optional type declarations(unicode, 64bits etc..)
-added sq_setsharedforeignptr sq_getsharedforeignptr
-added sq_setsharedreleasehook sq_getsharedreleasehook
-added escape() in sqstd string library
-added __LINE__ and __FILE__ (thx mingodad)
-widechar support on gcc builds
-now boolean can be used in constants
-reduced dependencies on C runtime library
-newthread and sq_newthread() no longer reinitialize the root table on friend VMs(thx Lucas Cardellini)
-exceptions in the _inherited metamethod are propagated(thx Lucas Cardellini)
-'in' operator performance improvement(thx unagipai and mingodad)
-fixes crash in compiler when trying to write 'base'
-fixed bug in switch statement when using locals as case values (thx mingodad)
-fixed bug in print()(thx Lucas Cardellini)

Updated binaries are available on the download page for the Squirrel plugin:



At last, HeliBladeDamged has been fixed :)
oh no


Oh, I almost forget my pull requset. I'll update it to the newest version and make a new pull request.