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Re: |EG| Empire Gaming - Attack & Defense
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Introducing Attack & Defense 3.0

  • Re-designed menus!
    • Now we can change our vote for the base if we have already voted!

    • Custom set is always available to choose now!

  • User friendly timer notifications!

  • New radio messages style + commands!

  • Player statistics!

  • Stylish round end information!

  • Custom scoreboard - Shows alive players (~ or f2 key, can be scrolled with arrow up/down if full)!
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Re: |EG| Empire Gaming - Attack & Defense
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Hello, this is a short announcement that I have setup a discord forum if you'd like to call it. I don't know if someone ever got this crazy idea but I guess instead of a web forum software, I decided to give this path a try. It may not reach the great forum features, but it may do what a forum for a server mostly might need. Unbans, reports, clan's personal voice rooms etc.