[Custom Object] Dummy with all the particles!
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[Custom Object] Dummy with all the particles!
« on May 14th, 2017, 08:39 AM »
Content type: Object
Original author: R*
Modifications: Extracted from VC files and replaced a texture.
Modified by: me (PunkNoodle)

So what is this? This is a single lightweight object I took from game files and used it to attach all the available particles usable in VC:MP. That means if you wanna add a particle anywhere they are already set up and you just need to spawn the relative object in your desirable locations, that's why it's called "dummy". This dummy is very handy since its size it's less than 2 KB, so even the slowest net in VC:MP can download it without an issue.

Content screenshots:

This is our dummy object, normally made invisible by setting its draw distance to 0

and following a preview of all the particle effects attached to the invisible dummy

ID 0 & 1 (they look the same)

ID 2

ID 3

ID 4

ID 5

ID 6

Note.1: The object has been defined 7 times in objects,xml in order to attach to it all the available particles, the IDs range from 6000 to 6007, the dummy.xml spawns all of them in the airport parking lot for a preview.

Note.2: Do not use CreateObject because it won't create any effect! Spawn them only through XML files.

Note.3: I already aligned the particles to the bottom of the objects.


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[Custom Object] Re: Dummy with all the particles!
« Reply #2, on May 14th, 2017, 10:54 AM »
This is awesome. I hope there was a way to control it through the server.that's not going to happen.
Wonderful job done there :) Keep it up.
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