Two bugs of the same type, Textures.

Started by Gulk, Apr 13, 2015, 03:19 PM

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I think it may be a memory problem. Because my server uses the special "higher than normal peds quality skins" Happens when 6 or-so player join my server. Check it out.

Radar textures dissapearing.

3d textures going black: (they also go white sometimes)

The skins(player models) lose their textures a lot too, and turn into white models resembling snowmen.


I'm going to mark this as solved as a fix is about to get pushed for streaming memory, and seems to have fixed issues for me. If this is still a problem, refile this bug.



The first picture is kinda familiar, If that happens after you have suddenly teleported to that place from a far distance, then I guess its normal but if you were driving around there already and this happened then I guess its a texture fail. Since when you teleport from a far distance to any point in vcmp, textures are like that and then load by them selves.


Use this command, and increase the streamem:
/setconfig game_streammem <value>

I use 400... but you can start with 128, then increase it to 256. You will see that it will fix your problems. I had the same problem.


@stormeus it seems stream memory limits isn't the exact cause?


Are you sure those textures aren't just missing from your VC ?
You should test it in Singleplayer, just to be sure.


Just to clarify up confusion @sseebbyy , these bugs happen to any textures at random times and it isn't always the same areas. today this happened with only 3 players in the server. Single player works fine :) my vice city is free from mods


That happened to me also few days ago.
I was playing and suddenly it got white...only that specific skin and it didnt get fix.

So yes something is wrong.



Take a visit to my server "ULK | MTA .. " and this bug happening player skins again @stormeus. bug refiled? :/