Stack overflow: cannot resize stack while in a metamethod

Started by EK.IceFlake, May 12, 2017, 07:29 AM

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Well I have this code:
and it an error which it claims to be on line 50
if (player.World == && player.Position.DistanceTo(this.position) < this.maxdist) withindist = true;

=>Location: NATIVE

=>Line: -1

=>Function: unknown




=> [1] NATIVE (-1) [unknown]

=> [2] /home/ogpbot/OGP_User_Files/es/scripts/streamer.nut (50) [unknown]


Which I'm guessing is due to player.Position.DistanceTo
What should I do with this?


Unlike the official plugin this one does allow you to adjust the stack size. However that must be done in advance in the INI file:
# Squirrel options

I'll look into this. I think I made some poor choices when returning the position and other similar values.