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Server Update 0.4.6 Released (2018-06-23)
« on June 24th, 2018, 01:11 AM »
Despite the name, this is a minor update to 0.4.5 that requires netcode changes to the client and server.
  • Fixed player positions/vehicle positions/gunfire positions being inaccurate.
  • Fixed players appearing to shoot backwards when looking behind.
Server downloads:
Windows Server (x64)
Windows Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)

Plugin SDK header

An update for Squirrel has also been released:
  • Fixed Vehicle.Fix disabling taxi lights.
Updated binaries are available on the download page for the Squirrel plugin:

An updated plugin pack for 04rel006 servers can be found here:

It contains the Windows and Linux, 32 and 64 bit versions of the following plugins:
  • Squirrel (updated!)
  • SQLite for squirrel
  • Announce
  • Java
  • MySQL for squirrel
  • Hashing for squirrel
  • Sockets for squirrel
  • XML configuration loader
Other plugins written for 04rel004/04rel005 servers will continue to work.

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