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[Plugin SDK] Some VCMP functions cause a segmentation fault


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[Plugin SDK] Some VCMP functions cause a segmentation fault
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I'm trying to create a C# plugin. I have a PlugunFunctions struct but unfortunately a few functions in it don't work.

If, for example, I execute
Code: [Select]
pluginFuncs.LogMessage("%s", "Hello World");
it prints Hello World.
If I execute
Code: [Select]
error = pluginFuncs.GetLastError();
it prints None.

However, if I execute, for example
Code: [Select]
it causes a segmentation fault somewhere (gdb can't figure it out. it just shows the address of the location)
and if I execute
Code: [Select]
StringBuilder serverNameBuilder = new StringBuilder(129);
            VcmpError error = pluginFuncs.GetServerName(serverNameBuilder, (UIntPtr) 128);
            Console.WriteLine("Error code: " + error.ToString());
            Console.WriteLine("Server name: " + serverNameBuilder.ToString());
it causes a segmentation fault at strcpy.

Here's the relevant code:

Any idea? I'm summoning @Stormeus since they're working on VC.Net.


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