New Tommy Model (CJ Styled)

Started by MEGAMIND, Oct 03, 2018, 07:33 AM

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Content Type: Skin
Original Author: Megamind
Source Link: My own hands
Modifications:: A small replica near to CJ body layout for vcmp
Modified By: Megamind
Authorized By Original Author?: Megamind
Content Screenshots:

I was damn tired of Cj wearing a west and black color all the time, today i decided to do some major/minor updates to cj body with current tommy skin, used a dff editor to give a proper look to tommy outlooks, although some textures were not possible while desining this model as u can see his arms have sharp edges along with pants (legs), which i couldnt make it squeezed as like cj has

so below are the images, showing my work on it
CJS head tried my best to squeeze

side by side comparison

here u can see as i couldnt convert arms properly they have sharp edges but still looks better