Command - Addobject and Addpickups

Rardodus Bruise

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Command - Addobject and Addpickups
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/addobject <Object ID>
I need this command for my server .  I want to add objects in different places . This command may help me so please guys help me past
/addpickup <pickup ID>
I want this cmd to add some pickups like somethings so please help me fast.

Mahmoud Tornado

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Re: Command - Addobject and Addpickups
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Addobject, you need an mapping system like doom's one, or make an fully one by yourself. Clicky.
Addpickup, Is to easier than it, add something like this in your server, and config them from nPickupPickedUp( player, pickup ). U can change this simple system, Clicky.