Client will not download anything


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Client will not download anything
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;)Hello, everyone. I seem to have found a question about store.

Because my national language is not English, in order to better performance, I will add many Chinese Sprite to my server.

But until a few days ago, I found that my server was unable to download any store, but allowed to download folders.

Based on my research, I tried to reduce the number of files in the sprites folder and return to normal later.

My conclusion: When there are too many resources in the sprites folder, the client will stop downloading any store.

I don't know if this is a problem, but it does exist and affects me.

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???By the way, what can I do to put resources in 7z? Read when the player enters

I don't mean file_unp.7z, because it's only loaded when it's in use, which causes some lag.
Because of the Sprite count problem, I can only use file_unp.7z to solve it at present.
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Re: Client will not download anything
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老哥 你解决了吗 我和你想法一样 用图片表示文字 但是 资源一多 就不下载了