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Hello ViceCity Multi Player Community

i came with great idea and it’s helpful for us, why we don’t make Wiki Page Server/Cilents etc.. with Lua Language Code Color it’s would be better and amazing idea for devs.

Code: (lua) [Select]
function onPlayerJoin( player )
    MessagePlayer( "Welcome " + player.Name + " to the server.", player );   

But with Lua Language Color


here but not only that (code) all codes for who think it’s only that code, it’s will be understand able more.

This idea will help developers in VCMP Servers a lot.


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Re: Discussion
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ALL developers are inactive
I am gamer, programmer and hacker. Try to find me!


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Re: Discussion
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They are too busy with their real life :/


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Re: Discussion
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Oh thanks for let me know i thought they are not