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Beta Client Update Released (2019-04-08)
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A client update has been released for 04rel006 on the publicbeta branch.
  • Further CPU/GPU optimizations when expanding the console.
  • Fixed long chat messages only showing the first line several times.
  • Fixed nametags and chat messages being invisible when game_antialias is enabled.
  • Fixed inconsistent GUILabel initialization when using the constructor with no arguments.
  • Fixed GUI::GameResize and GUI::KeyPressed not being called while in build mode.
  • Fixed console font not refreshing when changing it with /setconfig.
To enroll in the publicbeta branch, go to your browser settings and set the Updater password to publicbeta. Since there are no mandatory gameplay or netcode changes, you'll be able to use this branch on regular 04rel006 servers.

Please report any issues in the Bugs and Crashes board.


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Re: Beta Client Update Released (2019-04-08)
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While playing for like 30 minutes or so, the console messages started repeating (from "Connection success..") all of a sudden, can't really add anything more to it. It happens randomly.
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