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Started by habi, Aug 05, 2020, 05:19 PM

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Hi everybody, i came across setting damage of vehicle and found no articles on it. So i went to vice city, somewhere near Vercetti estate, took a stretch car and started setting vehicle Damage. Here is what i got.

First thing i observed was that Vehicle Damage and Vehicle Health are independent.

bumper damaged

bumper removed

rear bumper (back side) damaged

rear bumper lost

left door (driver's) damaged

Left door opened. So when driving the car, this door will be flying, but still attached. To remove left door completely, use 48=32+16

Right door damaged.FRONT. Passenger 1

Right door is opened. To remove right door completely use 192

Left Back door damaged

512 left back door opened. Use 768 to remove this door completely.

1024 right back door damaged

2048 right back door opened. Use 3072 = 2048+1024 to remove this door completely

damage the part of the car above FRONT right tyre. i dont know what this part is called. here is an image

8192 the above mentioned part is removed completely

16384 now the same part above LEFT FRONT tyre. damaged.

32768 the same part removed completely.

65536 FRONT bonnet partially damaged

131072 bonnet will be flying while car moving( but still attached to vehicle )

To remove the bonnet use 65536+131072=196608

262144 trunk damaged.(also called dicky) BACKSIDE

524288 Flying trunk.

To remove trunk completely use 786432

1048576 Front glass(WINDSHIELD) broken

2097152 WINDSHIELD lost ( i don't know but 3145728 (which i found to be the sum of above two numbers) also is used to indicate that this part is removed completely.

4194304 LEFT front TYRE popped. (flat). sparks

8388608 LEFT front tyre not found/removed completely.

16777216 LEFT BACK tyre popped/flat

33554432 LEFT BACk tyre removed

67108864 RIGHT front TYRE popped and 134217728 for removing it

268435456 RIGHT BACK tyre popped. 536870912 (the largest value) for removing this tyre completely.

This last value is 2 raised to power 29. i tried higher powers, like 30 but no effect.

Now how this values can be combined?
VCMP server has some kind of technology.

eg. There are two doors in the front side. One on left side of driver and other on right side of passenger. To remove left door alone, use vehicle.Damage=48. To remove right door alone, use vehicle.Damage=192. Now to remove both the doors, use vehicle.Damage= 240. How i got 240? by adding 48 and 192.

Exercise. Remove all 4 doors+bonnet+trunk

This is the VCMP server technology i mentioned, ie. adding numbers.

That's all. I hope this will be useful to everyone.


Or you could just use vehicle.SetPartStatus?

Credits to Boystang!

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