Server Update Released (2020-12-24)

Started by AdTec_224, Dec 24, 2020, 09:01 PM

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An update for VC:MP 0.4 (04rel006) servers has been released.

  • Fixed typo in streaming code causing massive memory issues
  • Fixed potential crash relating to nicknames
  • Fixed server adding IP to the ban list if the IP is already there
  • Fixed crashes when changing/destroying entities while deleting a player
  • Fixed race condition when teleporting players in vehicles
  • Fixed small memory leak
  • Fixed GetWeaponSlotAmmo not updating if anticheat is disabled
  • Fixed OnPlayerAwayChange triggering when dying using the default death timer
  • Added 'logging' config option
  • Added '-nologging' command line parameter
  • Added 'w' option to MVL vehicle filename format for weapons, e.g. v6400_t0_p2_w_Hunter.7z (still requires xml info to be present)
  • Updated third-party components
  • Fixed players being able to launch missiles while frozen/unable to attack
  • Fixed projectile crash exploit

NOTE: This update is optional but recommended.

Windows Server (x86)
Windows Server (x64)
Linux Server (x86)
Linux Server (x64)


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Good to see new Updates, very good!


I have few Problems with the new Update, first I get sometimes kicked on Windows Server for reason Weapon aquire 1 which never happend with Version 30 (on Version 32 I have Brass Knuckles as Weapon and I get kicked) and second Bug, if there are two Players on Server then OnPlayerPart is not called in Server Log it shows: Disconnecting player 'XXX' at ID 0, sent quit packet with reason 1. but then nothing happends and Player is standing around and on Scoreboard it shows on that Player Ping -1, he is still connected but cannot be kicked/banned and if you try to reconnect it says "Nickname is already in use"

In Server Log: (Version 30)
Disconnecting player 'XXX' at ID 0, sent quit packet with reason 1.
Player 'XXX' ID 0 disconnected.

In Server Log: (Version 32)
Disconnecting player 'XXX' at ID 0, sent quit packet with reason 1.

Can anyone confirm it?


Quote from: Pun1sh3r on Dec 25, 2020, 06:12 PMCan anyone confirm it?

Not really...  Is it still happening with the last update?
If yes,  can you provide a code which reproduces your problem? Or a video


Yes it happends with the latest Version, as said it doesnt happend with Version 30.

I will write you a PM with all the Informations I got.