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[BUG] tag_quality
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Everytime I change the tag_quality value, the tag rendering is bugged (renders the nickname either bigger or smaller than normal, and no I didn't change any other value but this one)

Seems like everytime I set it in-game (via /setconfig), HOWEVER when I minimize and return back ingame (Alt+Tab) / restart the game, it renders normal, until I change it again.

What you were doing when the bug happened
I think I clearly mentioned above...

What you think caused the bug
Something from the April / May 2019 Update, as since then most of such settings used to be bugged (are surely there are still, but I'm uncertain of which for now, but if I'll do, I'll come back again).

To add more, I used a fresh "vcmp_config.txt" (by deleting / renaming old one) to not tell as it could've been edited or any bullshit that could cause from it (which doesn't anyways).

However it isn't really a big issue anymore. But as an alternative / temporary fix, I think you could make it to apply / take effect once you restart the game (something like game_antialias setting).

Screens (Open them individually / in new tabs)

(click to show/hide)
(When I set it from the default value)

(Until I return in-game)

(When I set it again from a value like 2 or 3, until I restart / Alt+Tab)