[Video] Load Custom Maps in VC Map Editors

Started by Sebastian, Feb 15, 2021, 10:16 AM

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I've been hunting this for a while, and finally did it!

With the help of our beloved @Thijn  , we have all the tools we need to properly load
Custom Objects/Maps in GTA Map Editors
  • MEd (the one I'm gonna use in my video tutorials)
  • KEd (updated version of MooMapper)
Yes, Thijn made yet another great converter: https://convert.vcmp.thijn.ovh/

Short theory about how things work:
Simply redoing what R* did: place all needed .dff .txd inside Vice City/models/gta3.img.
Then, we need to register them in some .ide file (just like we do in vc:mp, in .xml, just different format) to let the game know which .txd we want for the specified .dff, etc.
Once we did that too, we must let the game know we created a new .ide file that we want to load, so, we just open Vice City/data/gta_vc.dat and write it down there too.

That's it!
Now the game knows we have new objects, so we can just start do our maps with Map Editors.
PS: The Single Player won't load anymore though, as we are pretty sure crossing some limits there.
That's why I suggest you to make a copy of the game, which will be used only for Mapping.

Good luck in mapping!

I've split this tutorial in 2 as we may need 2 different things:
  • Load just the custom objects, and then create our own maps from scratch
  • Load entire custom maps from store/maps/ and edit them through the Editor

For the ones who fits the second option, it might help watching the first video tutorial too.

PS: It might look complicated, but it is not. It's easy. All you need is some practice.


HOW TO load and play with your VC:MP Custom Objects in Map Editor ! (aka Med)
So, in order to do this, you will need:
1.   Your custom objects' .txd and .dff
2.   (any) IMG Editor
3.   Map Editor (MEd)

I also suggest you to create a copy of your Vice City and use it for such jobs, as we gonna edit files inside.

So, let's start:
1.   Add custom objects (.txd and .dff) inside gta3.img
We will do it with IMG Editor.
(always rebuild archive after)
2.   Convert .xml to .ide and load it into gta_vc.dat
We gonna use Thijn's converter for it.
Preferably to create a separated folder for our custom maps, so we have everything organized.
3.   Open MEd and load your new VCMP Mapping
4.   Create a new .ipl file and start mapping with your custom objects!
5.   Once you finished, save all the progress/changes.
6.   Convert the new <mapname>.ipl to .xml and load it in your server
7.   Start server and check what have you accomplished!


If last time we learnt how to load and play with VC:MP Custom Objects in MEd, this time we gonna learn
HOW TO Load entire custom maps and objects in MEd !
So you will be able to do changes to the already made-map.
I suggest you to make a copy of your server store folder before such jobs, so you don't lose anything.

In order to start, make sure you have:
1.   all the .txd .dff files of the custom map
2.   objects.xml from store/objects/ where all the above objects are registered
3.   map.xml from store/maps/ of the wanted map
4.   and ofc MEd, IMG Editor

Let's start!
1.   Load all the .txd and .dff into the gta3.img and rebuild the archive!
2.   Convert objects.xml to .ide and place it in the wanted folder in VCMP Mapping/data/vcmp_maps/
3.   Convert map.xml to .ipl and place it in the same location as above
4.   Load the new added .ide and .ipl inside gta_vc.dat
MAKE SURE that your new map won't conflict with some other maps.ide/.ipl !
If you have an object on id 6000 on 2 maps.ide, the object will be defined only one – the first time.
So, to avoid such unpleasures, comment the other maps, if they are not part of this new one!
5.   Open MEd, load VCMP Mapping, and check your new map's box so it will load.
6.   Do all the edits you want to the custom map you added.
7.   Save all the progress, close MEd/KEd and convert the new map.ipl to .xml and replace it in your server files.
8.   Start server and see if it worked!