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Started by Sebastian, Mar 15, 2021, 01:17 AM

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Everything you need to know about compiled client-side scripts!

It is posible since rel004 2017-05-24 Update
Quote from: StormeusAdded support for loading precompiled client-side scripts (i.e. .cnut files). These must be compiled on a 32-bit Squirrel instance.

In order to make it work, you have 2 options:
[spoiler=1. Multiple scriptfiles]
1. Multiple scriptfiles - you must give up on calling constants/enums from other files except the ones they are used in.

You are declaring const MAX_PLAYERS=50; in main.cnut and then later trying to call it from utils.cnut. The constant MAX_PLAYERS won't be recognized, and that's why it will throw the following error:
AN ERROR HAS OCCURRED [the index '<constant name>' does not exist]Also, don't forget to use :: prefix when you call global variables from different scriptfiles.
[spoiler=2. One BIG main.cnut]
2. One BIG main file - merge all scriptfiles into one

Doing this way, you won't be needed to avoid constants/enums.
But, be aware of dofile/include functions. They will still call the files they are supposed to.
So I suggest you to create your own function, like I did, and just change a constant:

const wayLoadScripts = 0;
function include2( path )
          if( wayLoadScripts == 0 ) return 0;
          else include( path );

@DizzasTeR 's worthy mention:

to compile .nut into compiled .cnut (or whatever format you like)

When you use compiled scripts, you may notice the following warnings and error in debuglog.txt:
MSG: <filename> line = (1) column = (1) : error expression expected
Warning in CScriptFunctions::DoFile: (script/<filename>.cnut) expression expected
Warning in CScriptFunctions::DoFile: Attempting bytecode read of file.
Don't worry, it is not a problem. The client just tries to read the file as uncompiled first.

MSG: Scripts initialised.