Do you guys miss 0.3?

Started by NicusorN5, Sep 02, 2021, 07:49 PM

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Do you guys miss 0.3

15 (53.6%)
6 (21.4%)
I don't know anymore
3 (10.7%)
Don't care m8 xd
0 (0%)
Why are you even asking???
1 (3.6%)
ѱ(x) = 1/√(2)<Yes|  +1/√(2)<No|
3 (10.7%)

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Just wondering, if nostalgia makes y'all think if 0.3 is better somehow than 0.4. I might try doing something interesting if y'all miss it or something. I won't reveal any details now, since it is just an idea in my own head.

Since either my brain cells are too low at this point to create a poll on this forum (or if I don't have permission) I created a poll using straw poll :

I created a poll there in the forum. Maybe that's even useless with the joke answers like the quantum superposition answer.


Yes... and No
Yes - i miss the old timez when everyone was playing and every server was almost full
because of nostalgia
and because everything was kept simple without lots of mods'n shit
No - because of the bugs
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yes, because it was full with good people, now 0.4 is owned by retards and it's full of retardness.


0.3z was really good. I miss those old days. ::)


As a mod, 0.4 is superior in every way. Back in those days the playerbase was better, so the multiplayer user experience was more competitive.

I don't think it is possible to get back the playerbase of those days. Hence, any activity in 0.3z with the current players would suck.


Quote from: aXXo on Sep 03, 2021, 03:56 PMAs a mod, 0.4 is superior in every way.
I was told that the sync (i.e shot registration) is better than 0.4. That true?


As much as I miss 0.3z days due to its playerbase and no monopolistic clans it was way better than 0.4. However when I recently tried 0.3z with @Xmair we realized how bad it was in terms of sync and the forced 30dps. 0.4 is WAY better and I wouldn't want to go back to 0,3z.


Old times in 0.3z is an unforgettable memory while It's hard to get used to it now as 0.4 has changed and improved a lot in almost every aspect.
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So you all guys say that you miss the old 0.3 community eh?


Quote from: Athanatos on Sep 04, 2021, 06:25 PMSo you all guys say that you miss the old 0.3 community eh?

that's right my small grasshopper
Lemme love ya


The only good thing about 0.3 was indeed the consistency of shots and lack of global 1shot headshot for years like 0.4 sadly had due to a bug - which has molded the new playerbase.

I also miss the chat font, and nametags/HP bars.


Quote from: Gulk on Sep 04, 2021, 10:43 PMI also miss the chat font, and nametags/HP bars.

You can easily restore these. heh



The fights on 0.3 were more dynamic imo. This + a nostalgic look at the community makes this version unforgettable. However, objectively, 0.4 is better, let's not bend reality - unfortunately it seems a bit late and it's a pity that there is so little technical support from the developers last times.
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Added a forum poll. This might be useless, but who knows after all? It's nicer to see for me.