Started by KadirYigit, Mar 14, 2022, 05:29 PM

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We are working on a project. Vice City & Liberty City map will be exists on same server. But for that we had to expand boundaries. But
'SetWorldBounds' is works for only decrasing. We can not increase boundraies so we opened two server with different ports and we decided to send player with player.Redirect.

  But problem is player had to type ''/allowredirect'' all the time and we do not want or accept that. We need sources of server64.exe. Okay I get it you guys do not want to share it. Its fine all yours but at least edit that command. And also we know that probably game will not allow boundaries more than 5000. Its not about mp its about vc. There are mods to fix that. But we even can not play vcmp with edited game. We do not want script this game with your ways. If you do not want share sources at least a little help please.
If you think you can help or something or if you are a developer please contact me at:
KadirYigit#1919 ( discord ) @AdTec_224


You want to redirect player to another server, right?
Option 1: Copy text "/allowredirect to clients clipboard using the clientside clipboard copy function.

Option 2: Using, iptables redirect the players packets to second server.
This site have some information about it. I have not done this, but think it can be done.
Tell player "You will be redirected to Liberty City in five seconds". Then execute the redirection commands using "system". So player gets disconnected and i think the client automatically reconnect. Don't kick the player, it won't work also.