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Started by D4rkR420R, Mar 15, 2022, 08:09 PM

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Clan: Ultimate Insurrectionists
Clan Admin: Lederhos
Forum: (required if you dont have discord/IRC channel) https://discord.gg/TvhDmf2VS5
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About Ultimate Insurrectionists:

Ultimate Insurrectionists is a new clan  from Vice City: Multiplayer founded by Lederhos on February 4 of 2022. The entrance of S75 permitted to path a way for new members to join, with d4rkxrd and QarZi joining .The clan focuses on teamwork which is the most essential part of the organization so that there's no chance of falling down. The clan seeks to join the competitive field of the remainings of the VCMP mod and holds high hopes about its possible contribution to the activity of the game. It will perform in all servers, going from the classic Deathmatch servers to Roleplay gaming.