Client Update for 0.4.6 Released (2020-12-24)

Started by AdTec_224, Dec 24, 2020, 09:01 PM

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A client update has been released for 04rel006.

While this is NOT the 0.4.7 update it does include a lot of the quality-of-life improvements (and more!) from 0.4.7 all while still being backward compatible with current 0.4.6 servers!

  • Fixed crash when enabling color tags after creating element
  • Fixed crash when deleting elements after OnClick
  • Fixed elements with keyboard control refocusing themselves
  • Fixed not being able to unfocus GUI elements
  • Fixed camera breakage when spectating while drunk
  • Fixed boat wakes rendering incorrectly on non-default water levels
  • Client now hides 2dfx and special sounds when world is hidden
  • Fixed corona reflections on non-AGP graphics
  • Stopped VC disabling disk caching (this may improve I/O on older machines)
  • Fixed pickup shadows that were broken when VC was ported to the PC
  • Fixed critical shot immunity
  • Fixed fall damage immunity
  • Fixed some objects becoming undeletable when moved
  • Custom hunters can now fire missiles (requires updated server to function)
  • Fixed game text style 5 not clearing as it should
  • Fixed KillCommandDelay sdk function
  • Fixed script crash when printing long messages
  • Fixed being able to enter vehicle as passenger while frozen
  • GUI events are no longer processed if the element is hidden
  • Fixed /recordkey command
  • UID2 is now unique per server
  • Fixed checkpoint position not updating correctly
  • Fixed spectate graphical issue
  • Fixed setting water levels when using custom waterpro.dat
  • Fixed checkpoints not updating correctly
  • Checkpoints now use the alpha value correctly
  • Fixed vehicle horn sync
  • Fixed some (if not all) SetHandlingData issues
  • Fixed GUI skins not loading in build mode
  • Fixed game crashing when World.FindLocalPlayer() is called
  • Fixed exceptions from custom content being unhandled in build mode
  • Fixed an issue where onObjectShot was not being called for explosions
  • Fixed element 'FontSize' not changing size correctly if called before 'Text'.
  • Updated third-party components
  • Fixed players being able to launch missiles while frozen/unable to attack (requires new server)
  • Fixed projectile crash exploit (requires new server)
  • Added the ability to replace the generic.txd - /store/maps/generic.txd
  • Other general fixes and improvements

This update will take effect upon reloading the browser.

NOTE: Changes have been made to UID2. This will mean all clients have a new UID, possibily invalidating previous bans.

Happy Holidays :)


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Merry Christmas and thanks for the Update!


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QuoteFixed corona reflections on non-AGP graphics
It's good to see you guys still supporting old hardware.
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