npc attack-script

Started by habi, Dec 21, 2022, 03:57 PM

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Hi this is the complete script of the npc - demo server, in many of you participated.

This is available as a zip file below

Download for Linux x64

Download for Windows

Note that i just copied the entire files from my linux machine.

Alternative quick download and extract in linux VPSs using one curl command
If you run the below command in administrator mode (sudo) in a linux vps like Ubuntu, the files are automatically downloaded and uncompressed. (Server is included with this)
curl -L | sudo tar -xz

You can learn how i used timers in npc-scripts to  shoot players, updated damages for npcs and made it into a mission like server.

Edit: Here is a video of the server made by Seby.


This can be very useful to beginners!
Good release!