How to make vcmp server?

Started by Xytho, Apr 17, 2023, 04:41 AM

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Bro plz tell me how to make vcmp server/gamemode


You can download the blank server from here

Running the server
Double click on server32.exe. You will see message VCMP 0.4 Server started at port 8192 Max Players 100.

Connecting to your server
Open VCMPBrowser.exe and on Favourites tab,  add "" without quotes.

Inviting Friends
Go to and find your ip address. Tell your friend to add ip:port in browser. If they do not see, 
you need to portforward 8192.

Where is the code?
On folder scripts/main.nut. You can use notepad for editing.

Controlling your server
Many properties of server are stored in server.cfg. You can
  • Change port
  • Set max players
  • Name gamemode

Adding skins/ Controlling weather/  Creating cars
Many such properties are stored in server.conf. You can
  • Change name of server
  • Set password

Making commands like /goto, /getcar, /heal
Open main.nut specified above and find function
. You need to learn little coding here to make these work.

Good luck.