Vice War X: The Starfish Showdown

Started by VCPR_850, May 22, 2024, 07:01 PM

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Lock in your targets! Vice War X is gearing up for an epic throwdown. We can't reveal too much yet, but get ready to witness greatness.

Secrets will be revealed. Alliances will be tested. Brace yourself for Vice War X. Stay tuned - it's gonna be legendary!

Check out this teaser!

Discord Link:


Here's an insight to what Vice War X is. Team Vice War is locked, loaded & ready to unveil something extraordinary.

Sunrays clash with Vercetti's legacy. A war erupts for Starfish Island. Choose your side. Fight for glory in Vice War X. A war like never before awaits!

For more info check it out here:


Calling all Vice War legends! Remember the epic wars, the adrenaline-pumping chases, and the camaraderie of ruling the streets? We're bringing that feeling back with a groundbreaking event this year.

We're raising the bar for Vice War experiences, and to supercharge the competition and reward the top five scorers of this season, we're collecting real money donations. Money will be distributed among top five scorers of this season. Donation window closes just one day before Vice War event. Your contribution, big or small will make a huge difference. Let's build a lasting legacy together!

For Players Interested in Donating:
If you'd like to contribute to the event, please reach out to Siezer (siezer#0000 on discord). He'll be happy to guide you through the donation process!


We're excited to announce our first sponsor: [VU]Siezer!

Quote from: VU SiezerThey say the best way to experience something is to try it yourself first.
I'm excited to be a sponsor of this event and help make it as fun and competitive as possible!
As one of the Director, I hope everyone participating is as enthusiastic as I am.

All the hard work we're putting in to make this a fantastic event is really exciting to be a part of!

Total Prize Pool: 50$


The Vice War engine is running smoothly! Last Tuesday, our staff and directors had a productive trailer shooting session.

It's their inspiring collaboration that makes Vice War successful. With everything in place, we're all geared up for registrations, are you?

!!!Registrations are opening tomorrow at 18 GMT!!!


Vice War X - The Starfish Showdown

Vice War X, the grandest VC:MP event, is back for one last time - The Starfish Showdown! This 24-hour Team Death Match event will see two teams, Sunray Cartel & Vercetti Mob battle it out for ultimate bragging rights over Starfish Island.

Everyone is welcome to join and contribute their unique skills in this massive All vs All war. It's a chance to relive VC:MP's 15 years old established traditions, forge new alliances, and surpass past participation records one more time.

Event Information
To find more about the event and participate, join our Discord server
The full details are available on the VU Forum
- Event Information
- Event Registration


Wanna Know what makes VICE WAR X bigger and better? It's the sponsors, because of which we bring prize on the plate of our winners. We thank Krystianoo and [VU]Ferrari32 for their utmost support. Your support isn't just a contribution; it's a masterpiece that adds color and depth to our event. Cheers to the architects of our success, and the sponsors who make dreams a reality!

Quote from: VU Ferrari32"As someone who has always invested in this community, I continue to do so through this donation. I hope my donation brings an even bigger competitive edge on the event and motivates people to play to the best of their ability. Looking forward to seeing you all on Starfish island!"

Total Prize Pool: $208


Calling every VW participant to help us choose the date for the epic Vice War X! Voting is open now and will close on Wednesday, June 8th. Make your voice heard!

The date with the most votes will be the official battleground for the Vice War Tournament! We'll announce the winning date as soon as the polls close.

You can vote here:


Let's give a big shoutout to Nitroade who just became a sponsor for our event with a legendary $24 donation! We couldn't do it without amazing folks like you.

Quote from: Nitroade"It's amazing that after all these years VC:MP still lives and breathes and an event like VW is yet again on the table. A game like this and its community are never dead, as long as you remember that "the good old days" are always happening right now. Hope to see you all soon!
P.s. Voodoo best car"

Thinking about joining the competition yourself? We'd love to have you. Apply today!

Total Prize Pool: $232

For more info:


What? Are you still thinking to participate? You're definitely missing the best amigos. We have a vision in mind for our event but needless to say, it takes a village to execute it. Meet our new sponsors, Rajput and Juan!
We're grateful for their contribution in making sure this turns out to be the event of our dreams! Together, Vice War X team hopes to bring you an event that will keep the years old Vice War legacy alive. We are excited to have them on board.

Quote from:  Rajput"We all love this game, but at some point, we have to move on with our lives. Now, when I look back on the old days, I can't help but smile. I also appreciate the efforts of my friends to organize events that allow us to relive our memories."

Quote from:  Juan"Absolutely thrilled to contribute to this year's Vice War! As a player in the first two seasons and a former staff member, it's an uplifting competition in a whole new light seeing all those familiar faces back in the community. It's fantastic to witness everyone coming together again after so many years. Good luck for the event!."

Total Prize Pool: $364

For more info:


A massive thank you to Urbany for becoming a sponsor of our event with a fantastic $5 donation! Who else is ready to join Urbany and support this awesome event? Let's go!
Quote from:  Urbany"This is my humble contribution to the event, I believe that the community deserves valuable things like the vice war to happen since it is an event that gives everyone participation and generates a lot of fun"

Total Prize Pool: $369


We thank Lilz0r* for throwing down a whopping $95 donation for the upcoming Vice War X. These epic donations are powering up this event to a whole new level!

We've officially SHATTERED RECORDS! Vice War X has become the FIRST VCMP EVENT EVER to raise over $400! That's right, we've surpassed the legendary MAGNA event organised by VCAD from a few years back, which peaked at a mighty $375. This is what makes Vice War THE BIGGEST EVENT IN VCMP HISTORY! Don't miss your chance to be a part of Vice War X.

Quote from: Lilz0rI am really thankful for the memories i had in this game and i cant really pay back the managers/developers/members of this community they've kept the spirit alive and we all had fun while it lasted, im really happy that VW is back and brought us back together and i hope we have alot of fun for 1 last time

Join the fight! See you there.

Total Prize Pool: $464


Wow thats a lot of money and incentive with the top 5 players rewarded.

I hope you have a super anticheat.  ;D


Quote from: Gulk on Jun 01, 2024, 05:44 PMWow thats a lot of money and incentive with the top 5 players rewarded.

I hope you have a super anticheat.  ;D

We're working on it and trying our best :D


We at Vice War would like to thank our ninth sponsor MarK. . MarK donated a legendary $113 donation, taking the lead on our tournament prize pool!
This absolute legend just raised the stakes for EVERYONE! Thanks to him, we're looking at an epic showdown with prizes fit for the champions.

Feeling the hype? Donations of any size are welcome! Every bit helps us make this tournament unforgettable experience for everyone!

Total Prize Pool: $577