Vice War X: The Starfish Showdown

Started by VCPR_850, May 22, 2024, 07:01 PM

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Get ready to step up your game! Meet our new sponsors DiaZ and Sezar. We are excited to have them on board. BIG EVENT BIG HEARTS!
Quote from: SezarMoney cannot express my gratitude towards this game. It gave many fun and pleasant memories towards my journey from teenage. I hope the development team keeps up the good work and keep on organizing vice wars in foreseeable future.
Roses are red
Purples are not blue,
Be ready for the Vice War
All hell's about to break loose.
This is your chance to boost your inventory and potentially gain a competitive edge. Dominate the competition!
Total Prize Pool: $602


A massive shoutout to BliTz and Domek for their incredible donation for Vice War X! We are extremely excited about this donation and look forward to see them in Vice War.
Quote from:  Domek"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the vice war staff team via this donation for all the hard work they put in to organising this event and gathering us all. I hope we all have fun and there will be plenty of memories to share later."

This is the biggest event in VCMP history, with the largest prize pool ever!
Etch your name in VCMP history now. Get in the game & fight for glory!
The tension's rising, the streets are buzzing, and a Vice War for the ages is about to erupt! Here's what awaits you in the Vice War:
• Intense competition
• Exclusive Prize
• Unforgettable mayhem

This is your ISLAND. This is your war. Are you ready?

Total Prize Pool: $668


Massive thanks to Eddy for donating $20 to the prize pool. Our sponsors are determined to make this event the epitome of diplomatic prowess. We are sure you will not want to miss the chance to be the part of Vice War X, a journey filled with learning and excitement. This is your time to shine, VICE WARRIORS!
Quote from:  Eddy"VCMP is a game that I started playing as a kid, when I was around 12-13 years old and now I'm in my late 20's. Even though we might take a break for years -  it's always great to come back to the community."

Total Prize Pool: $688


The VICE WAR team is delighted to finally announce the date for theVICE WAR X! Believe us when we say that we have desperately been waiting for this, as have all of you. Brace yourselves for an eventful day on 6th of July. See you all there!


Competition. Skills. Passion.

These are the themes that marks Vice War X. Though you all know Vice War distinctive reputation on the surface, there's cosmic amounts of efforts months around to maintain that image. To that end, we invite you all to join us for Public Beta Test session happening on 22nd June, Saturday 2024 at 17 GMT. See you all there!

Click here to watch VW X trailer!


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