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Videos & Screenshots / VCMP Vines by KakaroT
Jun 16, 2016, 10:29 AM

Click here for list.


I will keep updating this topic now for newer vines. :)
Off-Topic General / topkek
Jun 15, 2016, 09:51 AM

kek of the century.
As title says, "Does VCMP use cuda cores?" or could devs make it happen?
Off-Topic General / VCMP Wallpaper
Apr 26, 2016, 05:30 PM
Hi, I just made this for my YT Channel cover. I decided to use it for VCMP loading screen as well and why not share it here maybe if someone likes it? :D
Clans and Families / [ON] - The Clan
Mar 26, 2016, 01:12 PM

Founder: HunTinG
Co-Founders: ANONlMUL & Zeruel
Forum: Click Here
IRC: #onclan04 on LUnet

• HunTinG

• Zeruel

• KakaroT

• Hyperzon2
• KxZ
• Rustam
• StoneCold
• Wishwanath


   • 25/3/2016: 3M1 has been kicked from the clan.
   • 28/3/2016: Moskvish has left the clan.
   • 05/04/2016: Berkley/WK4RG has left the clan.
   • 07/04/2016: Newton/Vatan has left the clan

Last Update: 09/04/2016
Bugs and Crashes / Connection and wep sync
Mar 08, 2016, 08:48 AM
Hi there.
1. Connection:
Since the Feb or 1st March update I have noticed whenever I connect to any server it shows like "connecting to ..., disconnected, reconnecting, connecting to ...., connection success. loading server info. Before it was "connecting to ...., connection success. loading server info." Not sure if it only happens to me.

2. Terrible weapon sync:
Weapon sync has become terrible since Feb update. Some glitches are occurring while holding down fire button.  Nothing to explain more and I will give link to Stormeus in PM when he sees this topic to prevent players abusing all those glitches as they give a lot of unfair advantage.

Videos & Screenshots / VCMP 0.4 F1 Hack test
Dec 18, 2015, 10:05 AM
Recently, I saw some people looking terrible, I couldn't knock them down or damage them. So I just figured out that .asi mods are not blocked from all the ways. we can still load them. So I tested the famous F1 Hack of VCMP 0.3 if it still works. I was able to load widescreenfix as well.

NOTE: I will not share this or any other hack. I will not share alternate way of loading .asi mods in VCMP 0.4.

PS: I will catch Stormeus asap so he can block other ways of loading .asi mods
Here is the list of bugs that I have found since few months.

1. Shotgun Bug:
When you do fast switch, c glitch or shoot animation cancelling glitch with shotguns, The player keeps sliding on opponent's screen no matter fast switch or glitch, if you do frequently and sometimes the fires doesn't appear on opponent's screen and sometimes animations gets messed up. And of course it is always reproducible.  Watch the video.
Video might not be much clear because I did that all in hurry because I don't have another PC to record them properly. And I called a friend to record with me and send me. You can test them yourselves.

2. Head Punch Bug:
When a player carrying any weapon hit you in head with it, Your player gets knocked down like you are shot in head. It is rarely reproducible. Watch the video.

3. Skimmer Bug:
*Removed. It is unimportant*

4. Wall Glitch:
You can still do wall glitch even it is disabled. How? Just stand a bit far from wall and let your bullets strike with wall. It is reproducible but depends on at what angle you are shooting and how is wall. Watch the video.

Note: I know wall glitch is not allowed in LW. And I had not wall glitched intentionally. I was just recording and it suddenly happened.

5. Bugged walls:
*Removed. VC Engine Bug*

6. Bugged walls 2:
*Removed. VC Engine Bug*

7. Lost Connection Bug:
*Removed. Unimportant*

8. Mouse sensitivity doesn't save:

9. Ghost player bug:
Sometimes when you destroy vehicle of someone and at the same time player exits from car and fortunately doesn't lose all health, player becomes Ghost. Its body is left like dead but player can go like normal but ghost. And when player sits in any vehicle it becomes visible again. It is reproducible but a bit tricky and needs proper timing. I will post how to do it when I find out how it exactly happens. Watch the video.

It is kinda this:

10. Katana bug:
When you take Katana and go in any direction (without sprint) press fire button once and after that player itself will start slashing Katana, no need to press the fire button anymore. Also you can not move to any direction until you press sprint button or jump and move. It is always reproducible. Watch the video.

11. Weapons bug:
*Removed. VC Engine Bug*

This is not end, I still have few bugs left to upload on YouTube. I will update the list when I am done and notify in reply on this post.

  • Allow player to sit as passenger in skimmer as you did with Pizza boy scooter. It will be awesome to fly with your friend in skimmer when there is only one skimmer left. :P

I will update the suggestion list too when I guess some. :)

Last update: 09/02/2016
Mouse settings are not being saved. Every time I join any server, I have to go to settings and set my mouse speed to full (its annoying). I tried doing that in single player vice city, settings were saved in single player but when I joined server, speed was set to default. Not sure if it is vcmp bug or vcmp servers set them to default. However; all the rest settings are set to where I set them but mouse speed is always getting reset.


What you were doing when the bug happened
rejoining server, after saving mouse speed.
What you think caused the bug
I don't know :-\
General Discussion / VC:MP Android?
Jun 24, 2015, 11:18 PM
Since many days I got GTA VC Android. It is a nice to play it in your android phone with better graphics. I was thinking of VC:MP client for Android. I know there was a topic in old forum in 2013 or 2014 about vcmp android. Many people disagreed, even me myself at that time. But now when I have played it, it is really nice. And there are lots of android users with gta vc. How about having a client in android also? It will be really awesome. Moreover VC android is optimized for low end phones anyone having gingerbread installed with 128mb ram can play vc lagless. Not sure if developers are interested and have time for it; besides, implementing VC:MP 0.4's improvements. I can help in beta testings.