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After hours of keyboard bashing and non-stop hardwork, we present to you - OneVice.
OneVice is going to be set up as the vassal to encamp all of our work at one place, accessible to all.

Starting from now, OneVice is in motion to anchor stirring events and rousing servers.
We don't stop there, we also plan to front certain needs of all the fellow peeps around here.
More to come, we are providing amenities such as forum and server hosts.

Visit our website to know more, you can join our discord server to stay in touch.

Special thanks to @Xmair for being a commendable help in setting up the Pterodactyl Web-panel.
Hoping never ends, Happy New Year! ~ Team OneVice.

Brought to you by Miami Killers.

Special thanks to PunkNoodle for particle effects, Spitfire for recording the scene via camera mods and Aegon for rendering the video ;)
General Discussion / Free Host for VCMP
Apr 10, 2020, 02:04 AM
From PL-Community - @Hosting Team

Greetings All,

It's time to utilize our servers for the good of our fellow community members. Yes, You have read it right :) We are providing free game server hosting on our (EU) Servers along with the game panel facility and SFTP access. Host your server for free, no player slot limits, you are good to set the slots as much as the game allows. However, we do apply some limitations on Storage, CPU and Memory consumption, but that can be managed as per user request.

Make sure you read Terms of Service before you proceed with the Host request.

PL - Hosting Team