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Support / Re: 100% CPU?
« on June 19th, 03:13 PM »
Solved (remove gameux.dll from SysWOW64).
Support / 100% CPU? rundll32.exe
« on June 19th, 12:53 PM »
I have a problem with VC-MP from few days. First thought - maybe a virus? But I ask on lu-dm discord about it, [LCK]Zen also have it. We did not install anything in last weeks. (btw. with single player is the same).

Anyone else have such a situation? And suggest to solved it? No, I don't want to reinstall system on my pc (now is Windows 7 x64).
Bugs and Crashes / Re: Report- Game Crash
« on April 15th, 06:25 PM »
Quote from Vatan on April 15th, 06:09 PM
Windows 7 Professional

for me on win 7 ulti x64 works without crashes
Closed Bug Reports / [BUG] Chat bugged in newest version
« on April 7th, 04:37 PM »
Chat is invisible, when antialias is enabled.


What you were doing when the bug happened
Setting game_antialias 1 in vcmp config

my config:

(click to show/hide)
game_antialias 1
game_menuonrestore 0
game_windowed 0
game_framereserve 10
game_showdebug 0
game_sensitivity 0.000000
game_sensitivity_ratio 1.200000
game_radar_scale 0.500000
game_radar_scalekey 120
game_streammem 512
game_passengerkey 86
game_reconattempts 3
game_reportcrashes 0
splash_loadbarbgcol FF9B327D
splash_loadbarfgcol FFFF96E1
con_fontname Verdana
con_fontgap 0
con_fontscale 1.0
con_numoflines 30
con_disappear 0
con_logging 3
con_fillcolour BB666666
con_openkey 112
con_resizekey 118
con_typeloc 0
con_scrollupkey 33
con_scrolldownkey 34
con_jumptopkey 36
con_jumpbottomkey 35
scb_scale 1.000000
scb_edgescale 0.400000
scb_edgecolour 66C0C0C0
scb_fillcolour 77000000
scb_captioncolour FF606060
scb_scorepingidcol FF808080
scb_underlinecolour 66FFFFFF
scb_highlightcolour 660066DD
scb_serverinfocolour AAFFFFFF
scb_countcolour 99FF0000
scb_versioncolour 44555555
scb_scrollbgcolour AA000000
scb_scrollbarcolour AABBBBBB
scb_openkey 9
scb_netstatskey 117
scb_scrollupkey 33
scb_scrolldownkey 34
tag_scale 0.900000
tag_quality 1
tag_maxdist 100.000000
tag_zoffset 1.400000
tag_fontname Arial
bar_bgenabled 0
bar_bgcolour 00606060
bar_armourcol 00AAAAAA
bar_armourxcol 004499FF
bar_healthcolmin 00FF0000
bar_healthcolmax 0000AA00
bar_healthxcol 004499FF
scr_capturekey 119
scr_shortmsg 1
scr_compression 5
cfg_version 4

What you think caused the bug
General Discussion / [Suggestion] Re: "Arrow target"
« on March 12th, 09:34 AM »
Quote from ysc3839 on March 11th, 07:18 PM
@rww #1
Add floating arrow markers for entities like players, vehicles and objects
Ooo, I know about this site but I forgot url, thanks ;)
General Discussion / [Suggestion] Re: "Arrow target"
« on March 9th, 04:39 AM »
It's in to do list ;)
Support / Re: Angle of vehicles
« on March 1st, 04:00 PM »
U can get correct vehicle angle by this script

Code: [Select]
function CVehicle::GetRadiansAngle() //by Gudio
local angle = ::asin(this.Rotation.z) * -2;
return this.Rotation.w < 0 ? 3.14159 - angle : 6.28319 - angle;

I never get problems with values from this code ;)

Example, how to get correct angle by /pos command

onPlayerCommands event:
Code: [Select]
local veh = player.Vehicle;

if (cmd == "pos")
if (!veh) ClientMessage("* Your Cords:[#ffffff] "+player.Pos.x+", "+player.Pos.y+", "+player.Pos.z+", "+player.Angle,player,128,255,0,255);
else ClientMessage("* Your Vehicle Cords:[#ffffff] "+player.Pos.x+", "+player.Pos.y+", "+player.Pos.z+", "+veh.GetRadiansAngle(),player,128,255,0,255);
ClientMessage("* Virtual World:[#ffffff] "+player.World+" [#80ff00]/ Sec World:[#ffffff] "+player.SecWorld+" [#80ff00]/ Unique World: [#ffffff]"+player.UniqueWorld,player,128,255,0,255);
Servers / Re: Myriad Playground
« on March 1st, 03:58 PM »
Someone also have server with this map, btw Good luck :D

Next server with custom map!
Off-Topic General / Re: Do you have GTA IV EFLC?
« on March 1st, 03:48 PM »
Big bump (I don't want to do a new topic about IV-MP, no sense). I tested IV-MP T4, it's more stable than T3, now this mp is without crashes. I found some small bugs, deathmatching it's hard (maybe bcs standard full hp is 200.0, not 100.0, and sync isn't best). But 4 fun, playable. With servers... Only Argonath is active, I saw yesterday 10 players on this server ;) And I working 4fun on IV-DM and testing with LU-DM Team ;)

From LU, later VC-MP and GTA:O, sometimes SA-MP now IV-MP with LU-DM :D

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Support / Re: onPlayerChat
« on January 28th, 10:07 PM »
In the end of onPlayerChat function, before last } add return 0;


Skin Showroom / Re: Ryder Skin
« on December 30th, 2018, 08:31 PM »
Quote from readme.txt
Grand Theft Auto Re: Liberty City Stories (or Re:LCS) is a "Remake" of Liberty City Stories
on PC with GTA Vice City engine as its base for better feeling of the game compared to other
3D era GTA engine AND its what original Liberty City Stories game engine based off, Made by
Ryadica926 with contributions from the community for you.
And my video:

More about modification -

Download in description -
Bugs and Crashes / Re: List of bugs and suggestions
« on December 16th, 2018, 03:54 PM »
small bump..

something like this or surface.dat in custom files
Quote from Athanatos on November 22nd, 2018, 04:44 PM
Quote from Abri on November 21st, 2018, 08:22 AM
Quote from Athanatos on November 1st, 2018, 03:40 PM
Yes, I get no error if there's no vehicle near Vector(0,0,0).
Any other solution?

I tried to edit the defective cars but unfortunately did not produce any results!
Has anyone encountered this problem yet?
The cars aren't defective. Their models aren't loaded into the client's memory.Also this bug isn't really important tbh.
But it's very annoying, when every player ask you, why chat shows errors (with showdebug 0).

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Btw. Xenon way is good for this time ;)