Common VCMP Problems Fixes

Started by Arnold^, Jun 18, 2016, 04:30 AM

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Hey Guys.
I got VCMP 2 common errors solution.

First Error: Version used by the server is not installed or failed to download

1- Open the link & download the files. ( -- link removed --)
2- Extract files to your VC folder & Enjoy.
Make sure your VCMP Client is already installed

Second Error: DLL files missing

1- Open the link & download the client. ( -- link removed -- )
2- Install it to your VC folder & Enjoy
It will download all the files.


You sh!tting me? You just created a non-official distribution of the VC-MP which will be outdated soon. Not to mention that no one knows what could be lurking in those files. Also your "solutions" are wrong. Especially the first one. The location where things are supposed to be installed is wrong.

There are easy and guaranteed solutions for both those issues. Look up the in forum.

Solution for the first issue:

Solution for the second issue:

Yeah, that many. Because nobody searches before.