Multilingual chat box, and GTA5-like task list


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Multilingual chat box, and GTA5-like task list
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I don't know if anyone remembers me. I haven't come to the VCMP forum for a long time. I am very happy that there are players who insist on it.I would like to present you with two gifts.

Gift 1
Had a long time ago, I published a article about "other language chat box", was still in the testing phase, with the restoration and improvement of later, I think this can be published here, let the other players can change into your own language (this is the earliest specially designed for Chinese characters, you may need to be performed according to their own language coding part)

Here are some screenshots

This is a GUI chat box that is almost independent of VCMP. It supports different colors, many symbols, and thousands of Chinese characters. The only way to use it is to replace VCMPAPI Message("") with XX_message (""), and the rest is to change the original English to Chinese characters.

Unfortunately, I've stopped playing VCMP since I finished developing this, so I'm currently only allowing server output, not multi-lingual input (which is still the built-in English input for VCMP), but at least this will make it easier for players (like me) who don't speak English to understand the server.

Attention if you have a look at the picture, including "QwQ" this sentence is still sent by VCMP built-in, and other components of Chinese characters by the Chinese display, simply put, if you know how to reasonable use, basic can be done with VCMP seamless use (add, all this is the server script, rather than any external patch)

Gift 2
This is the second gift, a panel similar to GTA5, it is composed of header and Value, and supports multiple formats (labels, edit boxes, buttons), you can set any content in any format according to the need, the binding method is the same as the VCMP GUI, you just need to get the reference in it.

Due to the needs at that time, I have bound this component to the Chinese component. If you need it, you need to change it to your own language, which also requires you to check the code and modify it by yourself. Good luck to you.

Here are some screenshots

Script Download

Special note: Because this is a long time ago, I can only make sure it is useful here. When you try to add to the server, you must back up the server in advance!

Because the two contents are extracted from a Chinese server, there may be problems with direct transplantation. You can try to understand the code and install it correctly (this may be a little difficult, but it should not be a big problem), if there is any problem You can reply here, if possible, I will help you as much as possible.


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Re: Multilingual chat box, and GTA5-like task list
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Quote from Sebastian on May 20th, 2021, 07:47 AM
I've seen the smartphone script in your server: Miami Cities. (Spent 3hr downloading the files xD)
Pretty interesting!  Nice release!
I'm glad you like it.Also sorry to let you download so long, After I leave, later server administrators always put thousands of resources, I also do not like this kind of any placement, good luck :)


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