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Started by Stormeus, Jun 26, 2015, 02:01 AM

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Because this is still necessary.
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Some people have a noteworthy lack of common sense, which prompted me to write this. Let me know if I've missed anything important.

If you are planning on releasing a script, make sure you do the following:

QuoteHash any passwords when registering.
FBS does not hash passwords and stores them in plaintext. Therefore, all FBS-based scripts will also store passwords in plaintext. This is an easy way to get your script removed. Make sure that you are using some sort of password hashing system, such as SHA256 or WHIRLPOOL.

QuoteRemove the VCMPServer.exe file.
It's not necessary to add this file. It adds a lot of unnecessary size. It could be out of date. It's useless for Linux servers. It also tends to be infected with viruses. Do yourself a favor; eliminate any risk of being banned and just make life easier for everyone by not including VCMPServer.exe. On that same note, don't include the Linux server either, for the same reasons.

Including server.conf and other files is fine. Just not VCMPServer.exe, or any executable, for that matter.

QuoteVerify that the script is working properly.
Take your script, extract it, and start fresh with the latest Squirrel server available. If you are using a database, erase it and start from scratch. Make absolutely sure that all functions and commands are working as they should.

If your script uses a database, make sure that you either add a bare-bones Database file with all unnecessary entries removed, or that you include a file with the CREATE TABLE/INSERT statements that need to be run.

QuoteCheck the ZIP file for viruses.
Upload your script's ZIP file to and make absolutely sure that there are no viruses. If there are, run a virus scan on your system, because a normal VC:MP server and script will never contain viruses, and you've fucked up somewhere down the road.

This may not apply if your script is set up like an installer which extracts itself, in which case, you should never do that anyway and should simply ZIP up your script.

QuoteUpload to a reputable file host.
Do not upload to localized file hosts or hosts with numerous ads and the potential to hijack the browser., for example, does not show advertisements on the download screen, and will not attempt to show popup/popunder ads or hijack the browser.

If you own your own web server, and can host the file without having to show ads or go through a third-party, then do so (e.g.

QuoteGive attribution in your thread.
If your thread is based on FBS (which it shouldn't be) or VBS, say so. If it is based on Warchiefs, say so. Not granting attribution to a scripter who may have provided the entire base for your modified script will be a major hit to your reputation.

QuoteAdd what modules you are using.
If your script uses certain modules, including those that come with the Squirrel server, make sure to list them and, optimally, provide links to them. Do not include them in the actual ZIP file, as it is not going to work on both Windows and Linux, and may also be infected with malware.

QuoteFix bugs in your script as they are reported.
Do not leave bugs unchecked; if someone reports a syntax error in a command, fix it, reupload it, and update the link in your original post.