[ GameMode ] VC:MP Blank Server ( 21st March, 2021 )

Started by Sebastian, Oct 21, 2014, 09:22 PM

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Deserves xmlconf04rel plugin to be updated ?



Ok...so the server is fully installed from Media fire. But the main problem is, I need complete and clean steps how to make server. How to set the port from PTCL-BB, the port , What is the use of notepad to add something in server, i need every thing in details and a complete video how to make a darn server..


Quote from: Lovesh Verma on Jul 20, 2015, 11:34 AMGo kid censored we r not ur assistants u dont know atleast how to use notepad and dont know even a bit and dreaming of making a srvr if u have a bit detail go and see wiki.vc-mp.org

@Lovesh Verma , Please don't forgot that you're one of that "Noobs" who does not even knows how to create a countdown command. You just steal scripts and change the credit, You don't know a word of scripting, Better watch at yourself before saying someone anything.
@Warrior , I can help you port forward just tell me when you are free then I can teamviewer you, if you don't have team viewer, then download it.

Credits to Boystang!

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Want to portforward?

Google your modem/router's model with "port forward" and follow instructions. It's not that hard to google things people.



Flaming posts removed. Keep it nice, keep it clean.


Wow what a speech, And i think i saw this...'forwarded' and seems blocked. I don't know what this means and i have never made a server. Btw, nice speech. I do have team viewer , not like KingAbde who has a timed version......XD


if( !sucess ) tryAgain();
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Quote from: MatheuS on Jul 26, 2015, 07:08 PMit is in need of an update ::)

Yeah, I know that, but I'm still busy with university.
I will update it soon.


Why on earth these types of noobs try to run a server??
oh no


Quote from: [SH]Neeraj on Aug 18, 2015, 06:06 AMHow to use ??


Warning: 18+

[spoiler=just for you neeraj] There's nothing here :o[/spoiler]

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lmao its better for him there are already many post about how to port forward but these noobs? dont know
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LOL, not port-forward, he means HOW TO UPDATE THE PLUGINS AND SERVER & use it, @Kusangi, That's a  nice trick!
oh no


Both /bring and /goto do not work. I checked the code an I saw this in both commands:
local plr = FindPlr(text);And it's easily fixed by changing that line to this:
local plr = FindPlayer(text);Please fix this for the download.


oh no