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Nice feature. Well done, brother
Why did I return userdata 0x00~~?  Can you check it for me..
client:  abc<-Vector(1,2,3);
server: GetRemoteValueEx(GetRemoteValue("abc"),"Z");  return userdata 0x00~~
plugin dll:
Well done, Habi That'll be can see clearly.
You need to add an NPC and hide it.
HI Habi, Thank you very much, I used the version without timer, that is, I originally sent the code to be kicked, after using this did not happen to be kicked, the NPC was never kicked from the beginning to the end, the problem has been fixed.
Hi Habi, I did what you told me to do, and I was lucky enough to catch a kick the first time. I hope this was helpful.
Not only armor, increasing health will also result in being kicked, because I set up, after killing people to increase health, NPC health increased from 94 to 100, the NPC was kicked, the increase in health is done in the server onPlayerKill event.
I will try to catch this health increase kicked error, if there is I will change this post.
File link:
Hi Habi, The npc console was shut down in less than 0.5 seconds, I have a screenshot of it before the shutdown, as well as some screenshots of the script。
I didn't add armor before because the NPC had m4, now I added armor because the NPC had TEC-9, and then there was this problem, thanks for the idea, the timer is a good way to do it。
There is a NPCtimerEX timer in the NPC script, which controls the NPC's shooting and running, but it will not be executed without the player, I think there is no scripting error in this part of the script.
I then found something useful, this is my cfg file, I have seen before in other server scripts to add the code anticheat 0, I also tried to add this code, I found that I started nearly 10 times without the NPC being kicked, and I deleted this line rule, Two out of five booting sessions an NPC gets kicked.
plugins announce04rel64 mmdb04rel64 httprequest04rel64 mysql04rel64 npc04rel64 logfile64 remexec04rel64 cmdinputrel64 miamiscale04rel64 squirrel04rel64
sqgamemode scripts/主脚本.nut
port 8192
Hi Habi, This is the relevant code, in the main script. If you need any more information, please let me know.
When I opened the server, the npc joined, and the npc resurrected and got kicked for adding armor. NPC are kicked when they first enter the server and add armor after they spawn.
I'm sure I'm using v1.7 beta 2, I didn't add a recording to the npc.
Screenshot of console when error occurs:
The npc's console sent a message that it had been resurrected before it was shut down.
function onScriptLoad()
     ConnectNPC("NPC_pq","npctest.nut",true,"","rpclib z-finder");
function onPlayerJoin(player)
    if(IsPlayerNPC(player.ID)==true)  onNPCJoin(player.ID);

function onNPCJoin(i)
    local plr=FindPlayer(i);

function onPlayerRequestClass(player,classID,team,skin)
     if(state[player.ID].isnpc==true) player.Spawn();
function onPlayerSpawn(player)
    if(state[player.ID].isnpc==true) onNPCSpawn(player.ID);

function onNPCSpawn(i)
    local plr=FindPlayer(i);
        plr.Armour=50; //kick in here

function update(id)
    local p=FindPlayer(id);
Hi Habi. After I added armor to the NPC after respawn, the NPC got kicked. The probability of this phenomenon is relatively high.
Console display:
Kicking player 'NPC_pq' (0), armour increased from 0 to 50.
Player 'NPC_pq' ID 0 disconnected (kicked).
What does this code mean and what is Normalised like?
Is the 0.14 behind walking every 100ms distance?
Great, thank you so much, with your help, I successfully generated the dll file.
Console display:  [MODULE]  Remote Exec __REMEXEC_VERSION__ by habi loaded.
I will use this plugin according to the information.
Community Plugins / Re: simple announce
Sep 28, 2023, 06:31 AM
Okay, thank you.
This is an area I have never touched, but I slowly carved, understand, I saw the tutorial on the network installed mingw64 and gcc, I configured the environment variables according to the tutorial, in cmd test gcc -v is OK, then I do not know what to do, in vs code or display the previous error, I'm really not good at this. And I don't know what source code is.
Oh my God, this problem is solved, thank you so much, now npc can stop shooting normally, your plugin is great.