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Hi Habi, I am glad to know that you are traveling.  I wish you a fruitful journey and a pleasant and unforgettable trip.
Hi Habi. I started recording perfectly fine, generating hrec and some rec files, and when I did ConnectMultipleNpcs, the main console just shut down.
Here is the link to the file:
function onScriptLoad()
PutServerInRecordingMode("testfile",PLAYER_RECORDING_TYPE_ALL,REC_ALLNAME); //This code will be commented when the file is generated
function onPlayerPart(player,reason)
StopServerInRecordingMode(); //This code will be commented when the file is generated

function onPlayerCommand(player,cmd,text)
        ConnectMultipleNpcs("testfile","",7); // Create a recording file and run this command
Hi Habi, I'll try this tomorrow. Thank you for your teaching. I already understand.
Hi Habi,  I tested the recording option, I captured myself getting on and getting off, it was very successful, recdir 2 was great, the log files were perfectly recorded, there were problems when I tested all the players.
This is the code I did to query the wiki. I will use this feature to record multiplayer races.I will continue to explore the features of this version.I may not be very good at using this feature yet, believe me, I just need a simple example and will learn the additional features in no time.
StartRecordingPlayerData(PLAYER_RECORDING_TYPE_ALL,60,false); //error in here AN ERROR HAS OCCURED [The recname parameter must be string]
//Should the two codes be used together?
I'll try to fix his instructions, see if I can help you. I added the onPlayerPart event to simulate the player quitting.
if (cmd == "reload") {
    local loaded = []
    foreach (v in getOnlinePlayers())
        if (getPlayer(v.ID) != null && getPlayer(v.ID).Spawned)
    for(local i=0;i<100;i++)
        local plr=FindPlayer(i);
    dofile("main.nut") // your main script.
    foreach (b in getOnlinePlayers()) {
    foreach (plr in loaded) {
        onPlayerRequestClass(plr, plr.Class, plr.Team, plr.Skin)
        if (plr.IsSpawned) onPlayerSpawn(plr)
    AnnounceAll("Reloaded.", 0)
    return 1;
I have cancelled the downgrade of the server version, thank you for your comments and reminders, the custom weapon bug has been fixed in 04rel006 version.
HI Habi, I tried this version and the vehicle playback speed is almost exactly the same as the original speed, the vehicle playback speed issue has been fixed. Thank you for fixing this little bug. I really appreciate your update.
I found a problem in testing this version. When I hide an NPC's console, the NPC doesn't join the server.
ConnectNPC("[NPC]Jack","npcplayback.nut",false,"","rpclib z-finder");  //Not Join
ConnectNPC("[NPC]Jack","npcplayback.nut",true,"","rpclib z-finder");  //Join
I want the first person shot of 04rel004 because there will be no shaking screen, There are also vehicles that can exceed 1000 HP. I have fixed the bug on the script, but I am still searching for the bug on the custom module.
Hi Habi, I saw your video, In the video you catch up with your video playback, That means the vehicle speed of the replay is slower,   I made a server that can race against NPCS, I'll advertise the server elsewhere. I ran 1:30 in the driver legend myself, but my replay ran 1:40, I can always catch up with my replay, So you figure out a way to make the playback vehicle faster.

My server is running on a remote computer.
I am trying to upgrade the server version from 04rel006 to 04rel004. I found that none of the custom weapons I added were working. Invalid weapon data is displayed when entering the server. This is true not only for weapons, but also for custom vehicles.
The server version I am using is:, The plug-in used is  plugins for scripts inside.

This is the weapon that went wrong.
HI, Habi, When I raced with the recorded car playback, the recorded car always accelerated slower than me in a straight line, even though I was accelerating at full speed while recording, is there a way to solve the problem of slow recording cars.
This is very nice and just what I needed, thanks to habi, the author of the NPC plugin.I'm looking forward to the next update.
Oh, my God, this is not simple.
Hello, habi. Can you update the save location of the recording file?  I want to save it directly in the npcscripts/recordings folder, so that it can be played back directly, without manually copying the past.
Remove anticheat 0 from the server.cfg file.