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SIMPLE base-capturing game mode. I coded this in late 2020 and this script was still a work in progress. This is not a complete script with all the features; it's quite simple because it is an abandoned work. If you want to continue my work or host this script on your own server, you're more than welcome. The only catch is you should NOT remove the credits. Let the credits stay if you want to use this script. Thanks for reading!


Bugs may be imminent.

Note: You need to install decUI scripts in your store/script folder for UI to work. (I didn't upload because I'm lazy af).

Other credits:
@NewK for his awesome decUI
SLC- Password strength and other functions
@umar4911 - fonts

(Also includes the credits for skins to their respective owners)
A ban from posting for atleast 2 weeks or more should be given upon bumping old topics with just a useless post like: "wHo hAs tHiS sCrIpT pM mE!!!". For just any useless bumps. It been enough, seeing people bumping old topics with last post made in 2015. Beta testers are only moderators right now, I guess. Let's see what community says( except people who bump old topics uselessly)

It's scripted in DecUI and without decui, it won't work. The code is moved to for better formatting. Feel free to post bugs. The code might be improved so tell in the reply :)

How does it looks:

Hi, I made a account system which I would like to release in the forum. It might have some bugs but I tested everything and found no bugs. I hope y'all will appreciate me :D .

Commands: register, login, setautologin( or autologin ), setpass, stats, deposit, withdraw, givecash, bank( or cash).

Note: The bank system is simple and does NOT requires the user to be in bank, if you want to have the player in a specific place ( bank ), try adding it yourself. The system contains IP+Uid+Uid2 saved for autologin or other stuff. If you find any bug, please report it to me here or in PM and I'll try to fix it asap,. Some functions are NOT made by me.

Me :P
SLC for GetTok, NumTok and GetPlayer functions.


Hey guys. I'm here sharing a simple deathpos/diepos command made by me(beginner). Hope you all like it :D

Class(Your main player class):
DP = false;


deathpos <- array( GetMaxPlayers(), null );
if ( stats[ player.ID ].DP )
deathpos[ player.ID ] = player.Pos;
if ( stats[ player.ID ].DP ) {
player.Pos = deathpos[ player.ID ];
PrivMessage( player, "You have been teleported to the place where you had last died.");
else if ( cmd == "deathpos" )
if (!text) PrivMessage( player, "Error: Wrong syntax, Use /"+cmd+" <on/off>.");
if ( text == "on" )
if ( stats[ player.ID ].DP ) PrivMessage( player, "Deathpos already enabled.");
stats[ player.ID ].DP = true;
MessagePlayer("Deathpos enabled.", player);
else if ( text == "off" )
if ( !stats[ player.ID ].DP ) PrivMessage( player, "You had not enabled deathpos.");
stats[ player.ID ].DP = false;
PrivMessage( player, "Deathpos has been turned off.");
Note: It won't save the deathpos details in database.I have used stats as an array for my default player class, you should change it according to your script. Before posting an error, confirm that all the indexes are there and you have pasted it correctly.
Hope someone finds it helpful!