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Many people post topics in this board without specifying important details about their problem.This makes it hard for us to help other people.I was annoyed by this and dug this out from the UnOfficial Forums. I hope that Everyone will atleast read it once before requesting help

Quote from: stormeusThe full error will look like this:

Please post a screenshot of the server or just type it out from the console or whatever logs you may be using. THEN, open the file the error says it is occurring at and scroll down to the line it says, and post all code within (preferably) 15 lines of the error. For example, if your error is occurring at line 65, please add all code between lines 50 and 80 to your post, within code tags.

If you're not posting a screenshot of the code also mark what line is giving the error. If it's on line 65, put something before that line so we know what line is 65.


I suggest the forum administrators to add the YouTube Video Embed Mod.This MOD can help us embed video in our topic n posts instead of giving it's link ( looks stupid & Non-Professional ).

Here is the link to one of those types of MOD : Clicky!

I got a new VPS recently which was based on an ARM Processor.When I tried to run mpsvrrel32 on it it said that It cannot execute Binary which means that it doesn't recognize it's extension ( right? ). I asked about this from the provider and he said that I need to compile whatever I am trying to run myself. This is what he wrote

Quote from: The VPS Provider Your binaries are x86(-64), not ARM. Use apt-get/yum/pacman or compile it yourself. Do not change the apt/yum/pacman sources.

So i need some help from the developers about this because I DO NOT expertise in Linux( not at all ).If this Is possible Reply and If it isn't then reply in that case too.

My internet was not available for a few days but I still wanted to work for the server.When I try to launch the server while the internet is not available it crashes.It doesn't happens everytime but it Does happen most of the time.Here's a Video : Remember to change the graphic mode to 720P before starting )

I was trying to make something similar to taxi server in VC but I'm having a weird problem.The Positions are stored properly and they should be loaded properly too but when i try to move a vehicle it starts to move up and down and behaves unexpectedly.

These are my positions :

Howdy Fellas,

I am proud to announce the release of EFE 2015 Beta#1 for 0.4.This server contains most of the features of the Previous EFE Version.Webstats and Livemap will be ready very soon.At the moment there are no clanstats but I will add that very soon.I am not going to provide the list of commands because I want you to go and see it yourself :).As for the custom maps there are no custom maps added yet but for testing purposes I've added a Bridge near Biker Bars.I hope to see you in my server.

Forum :
IP :
Server Developer : Honey

There are no admins at the moment.You're free to apply here because the forum is not yet ready.

Please post about your experiences below!