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Hello guys i want to need /apark for only admins
Quote from: PLAYER on May 20, 2024, 01:46 PMLier I can't Steal Shakib Did 3lola Stole Script and give Script to all players I Just use in it Only 1 Time and after I delete it Now Shakib use the server If you dont beleive Go check in server I am nothing in server And I buy this script with money From 3lola he give me script in 50$

Dont lie man shakib says you and 3lola stolen scripts and you says" shakib stolen" idiot make ur own scripts and admins will be ban your servers from masterlist because you stolen urbany city, scripts, my vdl, scripts, and karachi city scripts you will be get ban from masterlist soon bro, you shakib and 3lola got ban from masterlist you and ur servers too, no need hackers for vcmp, control ur self and make ur own scriptsx,
Make ur own servers and scripts, bro, if u want to ban ur servers from list so admins will give you pwnt, you are not able for it,!!!!!!!
admins will give you punishment, + ban ur servers from masterlist,!! shakib, PLAYER AND 3LOLA
PLAYER is stolen my script idk how he did it, and also he stolen many scripts he and tda.shakib, both stolen scripts and he stolen urban city, script too, and he making servers + he copied server name from [SB]Hunter,server's, and now [TDA]Shakib and PLAYER Make a new server also he copied my scripts and make his server and check vcmp offical server,discord, im requested into discord too, SERVER IP:
Sorry for my bad english!
Script Showroom / Stats system
May 19, 2024, 02:17 AM
Hello guys i want only stats system if u have so gimme  :'( like /stats system!
Script Showroom / Re: Ammunation Ready!
Mar 20, 2024, 08:01 AM
Script Showroom / Transferstats Command
Mar 20, 2024, 04:08 AM
else if ( cmd == "transferstats" )
       if ( !text ) MessagePlayer("Error: Please use the correct syntax.  /transferstats <newnick>.", player );
       local newnick = text,
       pn = QuerySQL(sqliteDB, " SELECT Name FROM Accounts WHERE Name='"+player.Name+"' "),
       n = QuerySQL(sqliteDB, " SELECT Name FROM Accounts WHERE Name='"+newnick+"' "),
       aldname = GetSQLColumnData(n, 0),
       oldname = GetSQLColumnData(pn, 0);
       if ( newnick == player.Name ){
       MessagePlayer("Error: Your new name cannot be the same nickname.",player); return false;}
       else if ( aldname != null ) { MessagePlayer("Error:This name is already registered by someone.",player); return false;}
QuerySQL(sqliteDB, "UPDATE Accounts SET Name='"+newnick+"', NameLower='"+newnick.tolower() +"'  WHERE Name='"+oldname+"' ");
         QuerySQL(Spawnweps, "UPDATE SpawnWep SET Name='"+newnick+"' WHERE Name='"+oldname+"' ");
         QuerySQL(SpawnLoc, "UPDATE Spawnloc SET player='"+newnick+"' WHERE player='"+oldname+"'");
         MessagePlayer("Successfully changed your nickname to " + newnick  +"!",player);
         FreeSQLQuery( pn );
         FreeSQLQuery( n );
Script Showroom / Re: Dipeos command
Mar 19, 2024, 03:50 PM
Bro so now u and some others gived me functions not diepos command u can give me?  :(
Script Showroom / Re: Ban & echo,system
Mar 14, 2024, 12:28 AM
bro oh so thank you for you have discord?
Script Showroom / Ban & echo,system
Mar 13, 2024, 08:59 AM
guys how i can do ban players if players in game or no exmaple: player did not playing server but how can i do ban to him

How to add private acmds into discord-server-echo
Script Showroom / Re: Dipeos command
Mar 13, 2024, 03:56 AM
else if(cmd == "lastpos" || cmd == "diepos")
 if(!text) MessagePlayer("Syntax: /"+cmd+" <on/off>.",player);
 else {
 if(text == "on")
 if(status[player.ID].Lastpos == true) MessagePlayer("[#FF0000]Your lastpos is already on.",player);
 else {
 status[player.ID].Lastpos = true;
 MessagePlayer("[#00FF00]You have turned on your lastpos/diepos.",player);
 if(text == "off")
  if(status[player.ID].Lastpos == false) MessagePlayer("[#FF0000]Your lastpos is already off.",player);
 else {
  status[player.ID].Lastpos = false;
   MessagePlayer("[#00FF00]You have turned off your lastpos/diepos.",player);


This is right or no? if have errors so fix it and repost it,
Script Showroom / Re: Dipeos command
Mar 13, 2024, 03:50 AM
thanks for it,
Script Showroom / Dipeos command
Mar 08, 2024, 01:24 PM
Anyone i want diepos command u can give me diepos command i want to add, diepos command in my server
Script Showroom / Re: [Gamemode] Battle
Mar 03, 2024, 03:09 AM
Nice good job!