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It's time to make some noise huh?  ;D  ;D
Script Showroom / Re: Server Builder
Apr 30, 2023, 03:24 AM
Quote from: PSL on Apr 29, 2023, 03:06 AMHere's the link to the update:
This script mainly creates maps and hope you can have a good time.

Thanks for sharing the updated link!
Quote from: PSL on Apr 29, 2023, 03:09 AMThe problem has been solved. Thank you all for your help.

Hey, mind telling us the solution? It would be helpful for those who trying to remove crouch as well :D
Script Showroom / Re: Crew/Gang sys-
Apr 30, 2023, 03:16 AM
Quote from: H.a.S.a.N on Apr 29, 2023, 08:16 AMAN ERROR HAS OCCURED [parameter 1 has an invalid type 'null' ; expected: 'userdata']
*FUNCTION [onScriptLoad()] scripts/main.nut line [128]
*FUNCTION [unknown()]  line [1]
[this] TABLE
[gamemode_event] CLOSURE
[filterscript_event] NATIVECLOSURE
[this] TABLE
This error

Hasan, I think you better show the line code. I don't know what is the part of code is causing it.
Community Plugins / Re: RCON + Android
Apr 30, 2023, 03:02 AM
This gives me feel of using samp rcon ngl! Keep it up man! ;D  ;D
Script Showroom / Re: Server Builder
Apr 28, 2023, 08:45 AM
Looks like, the link is expired. do you have that script yet?
Simple thing but yet a very useful snippet..