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Using Colour() within a GUILabel element constructor will fail to set label's alpha. Its alpha will always be initialized at 255. However, if you decide to use label.Colour = Colour( r, g, b, a ); or label.Alpha = alpha; it will just work fine.


What you were doing when the bug happened
Attempting to initialize a GUILabel element with alpha set to 0 using Colour() in its constructor:

Code: [Select]
label <- null;

function Script::ScriptLoad()
 ::label = ::GUILabel( ::VectorScreen( ::GUI.GetScreenSize().X * 0.48, ::GUI.GetScreenSize().Y * 0.51 ), ::Colour( 255, 255, 255, 0 ), "Hello there." );

What you think caused the bug
No idea. This bug seems to be affecting GUILabel elements only.
Videos & Screenshots / Re: Extreme Racing
« Yesterday at 11:16 AM by Sebastian »
Quote from Piterus Yesterday at 11:02 AM
Isn't there any credits or something?
vito replied to my first video regarding this server, and said that some guy KL made it.
Today I joined the server again and met him.
Videos & Screenshots / Re: Extreme Racing
« Yesterday at 11:02 AM by Piterus »
Isn't there any credits or something?
This is an old video I uploaded years ago. I uploaded it to show it to stormeus when a 04rel004 update fucked up the sync and he fixed it right away. It has nothing to do with what is being discussed on this topic.
Videos & Screenshots / Extreme Racing
« on May 8th, 01:14 AM by Sebastian »
Who's the owner of this ? KL (vito told me)
It was fun to play there!



Extract the archive and rename it into ""

(so it will no longer have the server name)

Put the directory in

General Discussion / Help Me
« on May 6th, 05:22 AM by MRSK143 »
Hi Buddies,

I Had Yyg Pubg Server and i wanna add my pubg skins in it also vehichles and weapons see this is the server


see this server link plz help me anyone help me :'(
Support / What's the usage of the command?
« on May 5th, 07:13 PM by Shafin »
Hey guys, I wanted to know what's the usage of this command??