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You better try storing the mission vehicle's id in a global variable:
Code: [Select]
MISSION_CAR <- CreateVehicle(...).ID;
Code: [Select]
483.0, -272.0 ) <= 2)

And notice that these are game units, not meters.
try it, my little turtle.
Code: [Select]
if ( floor( DistanceFromPoint( player.Pos.x, player.Pos.y , 483, -272 )  ) < 2  )

You my little turtle, remember this:

Code: [Select]
local veh = FindVehicle( 16 )
// is looking for the vehicle even if the instance is not on the car
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instead use local veh = player.Vehicle
// now yes, my little turtle now he's checking if the instance is on the car
I would probably say check if the player is in a vehicle or not and if he isnt then he wont receive the money neither the car will explode.
Code: [Select]
if ( !player.Vehicle )
Code: [Select]
else if( cmd == "detonate" )
local veh = FindVehicle( 16 );
else if( veh )
local Pos = player.Pos, checkpoly = InPoly( Pos.x, Pos.y, -1399, -772,  -1401, -848, -1473, -849,  -1486, -786);
if( checkpoly == true )
player.Cash += 10000;

Hi guys, i need a help for a mission script. I want to make a suicide mission, a bad guy gets truck with bombs comes to airport gate and he type "detonate" and make his truck explode. 16 is cargo truck's ID. I have a problem, scripts works very well. I am typing "detonate" and if i am in poly of airport gate i am leave the truck and in a far location i type the code and let it explode but after that if i type this code i can still earn money. If i type 10 times i get 100.000$ but why ? I don't understand i don't have a car but i can earn money again ? There's something to fix it but i can't find it. If someone joins inpoly he can use this bug billions of times and he can get millions of money. Code still works if you don't have vehicle 16 and he still gives you money ? I am waiting for your support.
Hi everyone, i am new in VCMP. I need a help in this script.

Code: [Select]
else if ( cmd == "getarmor" )
if ( DistanceFromPoint( player.Pos.x, player.Pos.y , 483, -272 ) < 2 )
player.Armor = 100;

I want player can take armor if he close two meters to armory point(483, -272). But if i type "getarmor" nothing happens and cmd says parameter 3 ( i think it must be 483) has a problem, expected float. Can someone help me ?
Object Showroom / [Custom Object] Re: Dummy with all the particles!
« on November 12th, 11:54 PM by Gulk2 »
Bump, this is brilliant. I can't seem to work it though, getting invalid definition in objects.xml upon connecting to my server.
Servers / [0.4] Re: Vice City Cops & Robbers
« on November 10th, 03:35 AM by Xmair »
As promised, the 2.0 update is finally here.
Off-Topic General / Re: Evolution A/D CHAMP'3
« on November 9th, 08:01 PM by Siezer55 »
Group A: Alpha Bravo vs Red Right Hand, final score: 6-2 to AB. Alpha Bravo carried the day and has been advanced to Semi Finals!