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Quote from DizzasTeR on September 24th, 10:33 AM
What SA-MP? Can't take down what ain't left alive...
SA:MP is much more alive than VC:MP tho

Them russians and romanians still playing that game 24/7 lmao

But yeah the SA:MP forum is dead for ages (and some SA:MP community members accuse the developer for attempting to kill SA:MP)

Quote from Stormeus on September 24th, 06:46 AM
If the trilogy remaster rumor is real and they want to add multiplayer to it then yeah they might sic their lawyers on us too.
Plot twist: it is (see 4:26)
What SA-MP? Can't take down what ain't left alive...
Trying to predict what R*/Take-Two will do is pointless. If the trilogy remaster rumor is real and they want to add multiplayer to it then yeah they might sic their lawyers on us too.

I also think we're in a better position than the mods that R* has already shut down. We didn't sign a EULA to play Vice City on PC, and unlike re3/reVC we're not trying to "recreate the game," so we can't be used to undermine sales or facilitate piracy either. Personally I'm not going to worry about it until T2 sends a takedown, and even then I might weigh my legal options before rolling over.
It's nothing new that Rockstar Games has begun to remove mods from the Internet, one of the biggest examples would be Grand Theft Auto UNDERGROUND, which was constantly being updated.

Along with other mods, do you think that modifications such as SA-MP and VC-MP are at risk from this policy change?

Servers / Re: MK | Capture the Flag
« on September 22nd, 06:03 PM by NewK »

The CTF6 public beta is now live, come and join the fun and give the new player abilities a try!

What's new?

Player abilities/skills

 Abilities are small perks/effects that you can apply either to yourself or others for a few seconds. There's 3 types of abilities:
  • SELF -  Abilities that affect the player only such as the immunity abilities, silencer and so on
  • INFANTRY -  Abilities that allow a player to place bombs, mines, gears etc., and anything else self-serving around your personal weaponry
  • TEAM - Any ability that serves your team such as the healing the regeneration of health and ammo

You can see a list of abilities here

You can only have 3 skills equipped at the same time, but you can choose which ones to equip at any point.

New hotkeys:
  • F3 --> Opens skill store ( you can buy and equip skills in this window)
  • Q --> Uses skill equipped in slot1
  • 2 --> Uses skill equipped in slot2
  • E --> Uses skill equipped in slot3
To change default hotkeys:
  • /key1 <keyID> (changes slot1 hotkey)
  • /key2 <keyID> (changes slot2 hotkey)
  • /key3 <keyID> (changes slot3 hotkey)
To get <keyID>:
  • Run  /recordkey and press the key you want to use
  • You will then see the <keyID> on the chat, which you can use with the /key1,2,3 commands
You can watch a tutorial on how to do this  here

CTF now has currency, AKA, Points. You can spend these points on player skills/abilities.
Each one costs 100 points. You can earn points, the exact same way you earn points for your team during a round:
  • 1 kill = 1 point
  • 1 Flag = 15 points
  • 5 player killing spree = +1 point for each kill +5 points for the last kill (10 points total)
  • (NEW) 1 kill while holding the flag = +2 points
  • (NEW) Ending someone's spree = +5 points

Points cannot be transfered nor abilitites can be sold


Players now have ranks. All players will start with Rank 0. For each 100 points you earn, you will rank up, so everytime you rank up, that means you can buy a new ability.

As a way to kickstart your progress, 50 points have been given to all registered players, you only need 50 more points and you'll be able to buy your first ability!
General Discussion / Re: Do you guys miss 0.3?
« on September 22nd, 03:35 AM by Waluta »
Quote from Shafin on September 8th, 11:05 AM
This idiotic shotgun bug in 0.4 is very annoying. I feel like if I could play 0.3z but sadly there are no servers in 0.3 now.
Quote from gta on September 2nd, 10:56 PM
yes, because it was full with good people, now 0.4 is owned by retards and it's full of retardness.
Agree lmao.
Some servers are turned on, unfortunately they are not displayed on the masterlist if you search the internet well, you will definitely find something ;)
Tutorials / [Guide] Re: Undocumented VC:MP Findings
« on September 22nd, 01:57 AM by GangstaRas »
Quote from Athanatos on September 14th, 01:39 PM
Quote from GangstaRas on August 17th, 05:33 PM
I've realized that my VC:MP Scripting Book is proving difficult to get done in a timely fashion
You stole my idea REEEEE (/s)

Anyways how much pages does the book have?
Lol quite a bit actually, 56 pages to be exact.

I've covered:
  • Basic server files and executable setup
  • All events and server settings
  • Most of the functions, methods and properties (even the ones that were on wiki with no explanation or link) and my personal notes on how they work and what to do and not to do with them
  • Was starting up explaining the game files that define objects and the game world (IDE, IPL, TXD, COL, DAT etc.)
  • My object and physics findings thus far
  • Appendix with Car colour IDs, animation and animation group IDs. To include all reference IDs (so vehicle IDs, player skin IDs, announce text codes etc.)
Even the post Xmair made the other day on how to create plugins, that was originally done for my sake and the Scripting book but I took too long to  publish and he gave up on me and posted here lol
Script Showroom / [Release] Re: Full Start GUI
« on September 17th, 09:40 AM by gta »
Quote from Mohamed Boubekri on August 22nd, 11:14 AM
Updated. Fixed some errors, Added new function for random names when the players join
Next update will be "Inventory System" Also that will be with client side feature. Prepare for it ;D
I'm asking the moderators to move this post to this group:- Client SIDE Scripting.
but you said you left this community
Map Showroom / Re: How to add custom maps to your server ?!
« on September 17th, 04:58 AM by Sebastian »
Maps* yes.
Map Showroom / Re: How to add custom maps to your server ?!
« on September 17th, 04:26 AM by kalee_khan »
If i create its own objects in single player by med, the would it work converting the.ipl to .xml in or what?