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Servers / Re: MK | Capture the Flag
« on September 25th, 04:31 AM by DizzasTeR »
I use Q and E to switch weapons bruh

Good that we can change them
Servers / [0.4] Re: Argonath RPG 3.0
« on September 25th, 01:16 AM by Destroyer123 »
Hey, I just played this server for the first time and I am a huge fan of Vice City. I really really like the server and how you can become professions, use the bank etc. but I had some issues on how to get some money in the beginning when nobody is online. I had no idea how I could get some money.

Some questions:

- Why can I not join the army? There is only FBI and no army faction which would be amazing because you could use army vehicles etc. I would love to play on the server and become an army member. It would be nice to have different factions in general. Apparently, FBI and fire department are factions like that.
- How can I earn money if nobody is online? I could only become officer etc. but I could not earn money in any way?
- Most cars and buildings belonged to specific players. However, I could drive the cars around, so when other players will rejoin the server all cars will be moved for the players? Do their cars respawn?! How can a player buy cars. I didn't really understand how it works. What happens if I destroy the car of a player?!
- Is there no profession of a firefighter? Didn't find it. The first post links the fire department website.
- What exactly do professions give you except driving the car and having items? Can I solve missions or do I have to play the role?
- Most of the buildings belonged to one single player. Is this the way the server works? Can a new player even buy any building?
- How do I get better weapons than those in the weapon shop?

Sry for all the questions. I am new.

After playing for a while most questions about the jobs were answered and I could earn some money. Some more suggestions:

- When using a help command on a ship I can fall into the water afterwards and die!
- There is no chat command to simply list all chat commands.
- There is no help command about the minigames. I had no idea about heists etc.
- Add a profession of security service moving a cash transport to the bank and allow criminals to steal it. That would be a fun profession and mission.
- Add a profession of buying and selling cars.
- Add a profession of a hooker/escort. I had fun playing a prostitute but had to buy a female skin and get some money. I had to add sounds and animations to do this. If no players are online they could dance in the club or do something else to earn money. They could also work with pimps.
- Add some predefined sets of animations/sounds for different jobs like "-usecop" etc.
- Add some predefined chat commands for animations like "-dance" or "-jump". It would make it much easier.
- Taxes are pretty high especially when saving money in the bank. For jobs like Pizza delivery you won't earn that much.
- Maybe reduce the money lost from death. You can easily fall from somewhere or into the water.
- Do not allow cops to camp at the crane forever. It prevents you from steal a car forever.
- Someone could be the mayor of the city collecting all taxes and be elected by all players and decide certain things.
- Add the profession of a news reporter. They could be allowed as the only ones to use the news heli and whenever there is an event around like killings etc. they could write something like "/report" and then news will be reported and they earn money or they could take photos.
- I saw on the deathmatch server different weapons and even the Hydra from San Andreas. Maybe allow players to to buy an airplane and fly it only for rich players.
- If there are some bot scripts add maybe bots for missions when too few players are online.
- Sometimes the truck mission markers like for the cigarett factory in Little Haiti are placed at confusing locations.
- Add some pager chat functionality to store messages for players who are afk/allow listing all players who are afk.
- Add some chat command to list all chat commands (sometimes I forgot some).
- Add some chat command to show ALL purchasable buildings or add a minimap with markers for them. I was never sure where to buy which building for which price.
- Allow terrorists to place bombs as missions and let them carry out explosions or small gang wars/attacks on the police.
- Allow bounty hunting by setting a bounty once a day or some limited times on people.
- Medic and taxi drivers having a hard time to earn money. Maybe allow them to heal/transport bots if not enough players are playing.
- No fire department missions?
- Add heist missions (see GTA V) to rob the bank a limited number of times.
- Add an ingame voice chat. I think GTA V RP does this with a Team Speak plugin. You could do the same and add the sounds ingame if GTA Vice City MP supports this. That would be so awesome!
- Add some events at the server which are scripted and announced. I did not see any announcements.
- The Pizza delivery REALLY sucks when another player is doing the same. You have no chance to earn money anymore.
- Maybe allow to leave and enter the trashmaster during the mission. Sometimes you want to do something else or see some help.
- If you have a delivery assigned and leave the car and you don't know where you left the car/truck add some chat command or marker to mark it on the minimap.
- Markers on the minimap for buildings like the police station etc. would be helpful.

This server has great potential but when only like 5 players are playing it gets boring and you will leave quickly. Predefined sound and animations sets would help the immersion as well as more different professions or more options doing one job.

I really really like the phone you can buy and the chat commands to say something etc.
Community Plugins / Whitelist plugin
« on September 24th, 11:59 PM by Athanatos »
Hello everyone!

I created a whitelist plugin that will allow only some specified IPs and players into your server.


I wrote this plugin just to relax from other demanding projects like my own game engine and game projects. This took me few days to create because of stupid mistakes I made (reading the files, but not copying the data into the containers, as one example).

Now you might say, "passwording servers is enough" -> yes might be. But what if your friend that's scripting his server has a password made of a LaTeX equation? like this one :
\int e^{x^2} dx = \sum_{n=0}^{\infty}\frac{x^{2n+1}}{n!(2n+1)} + C
or that his password is an entire quote taken from an dubious barely known book? And he can't find the password in his 12k lines of code script that was made from forum snippets? (No one would do that ever (I mean the password thing))

Or maybe you're too lazy to use a single function call in your scripts (i.e SetPassword(string) )

Now again, you might say "I can make this in squirrel too" -> Well this one automatically gets the local IP lol (useless feature probably). Can you do that in Squirrel?

An other reason is that whitelisting is fairly common in multiplayer games like Minecraft, etc.

If you're not convinced f*ck you (/s). (slash s = sarcasm)  (I'm having fun writing this) (Can't wait for the mods to remove the hidden texts)

Well, if you're convinced, here's what you need : this plugin.



Copy the plugin binary compatible with your server into <server root>\plugins\ .
You may need to install the latest MSVC redistributables. Link :

First use:

Upon running the server for the first time, the plugin will automatically create 2 files called : allowed_ips.txt and allowed_nicks.txt .

The file allowed_ips is filled with all the local IPs ( as a example)+ localhost IP ( and allowed_nicks is filled with 2 example nicknames.

Modifying the whitelist:

Modifying the whitelist requires opening and editing the two created files ( allowed_ips.txt and allowed_nicks.txt ) with your editor of choice(ex. MS Notepad, Notepad++, VS Code, et cetera).

For performance reasons, unlike INIParser, this plugin will keep the whitelists in it's memory instead of continuously reading the files. Therefore modifying the whitelist would require restarting the server after the files are saved!

Future development

If needed Linux support might be taken in consideration. But until then (because probably no one would want this plugin)... That's like the single version that is ever released of this plugin.


Links are here:

Github (source code):
Github releases :

Tutorials / [Guide] Re: Undocumented VC:MP Findings
« on September 24th, 04:32 PM by Athanatos »
Creating plugins is a whole other topic. If I was you, I'd make an other book about creating plugins. (Scripting != programming)

How much is it going to cost ;D ? I want a free copy
General Discussion / Re: Do you guys miss 0.3?
« on September 24th, 04:31 PM by Athanatos »
Quote from Waluta on September 22nd, 03:35 AM
Some servers are turned on, unfortunately they are not displayed on the masterlist
Just to clarify: the 0.3 masterlist is non existent. So I don't think you can say "not displayed"
Quote from DizzasTeR on September 24th, 10:33 AM
What SA-MP? Can't take down what ain't left alive...
SA:MP is much more alive than VC:MP tho

Them russians and romanians still playing that game 24/7 lmao

But yeah the SA:MP forum is dead for ages (and some SA:MP community members accuse the developer for attempting to kill SA:MP)

Quote from Stormeus on September 24th, 06:46 AM
If the trilogy remaster rumor is real and they want to add multiplayer to it then yeah they might sic their lawyers on us too.
Plot twist: it is (see 4:26)
What SA-MP? Can't take down what ain't left alive...
Trying to predict what R*/Take-Two will do is pointless. If the trilogy remaster rumor is real and they want to add multiplayer to it then yeah they might sic their lawyers on us too.

I also think we're in a better position than the mods that R* has already shut down. We didn't sign a EULA to play Vice City on PC, and unlike re3/reVC we're not trying to "recreate the game," so we can't be used to undermine sales or facilitate piracy either. Personally I'm not going to worry about it until T2 sends a takedown, and even then I might weigh my legal options before rolling over.
It's nothing new that Rockstar Games has begun to remove mods from the Internet, one of the biggest examples would be Grand Theft Auto UNDERGROUND, which was constantly being updated.

Along with other mods, do you think that modifications such as SA-MP and VC-MP are at risk from this policy change?