[Not Real] Script For GWV's Magnificent Server


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[Not Real] Script For GWV's Magnificent Server
« on September 28th, 2015, 10:29 PM »Last edited on September 29th, 2015, 02:31 PM by Stormeus
Server name GWV's Magnificent Server
 Players Slot : 100
Version :04rel003
GameMode : GWV's DM
GWV Full Form : Gang War Victory
Producer : Gabbar / dx47
Server Producer : Haseeb /RoAd Wreck3r,^

All commands are used with /

Player Entrance Message

<<<<[Player]is connecting from [Unknown]>>>>
EX: ***[GWV]RoAd_Wreck3r.^ is connecting from Pakistan****

  >>MSG>> ..<<Welcome To GWV's Magnificent Server This is Scripted by [GWV]RoAd_Wreck3r.^ and Special Thanks to Kakkan he help me from his topics >>>

   >>>Please Register First <<<
  >>>Register Format : /register <password><<<<
MSG AFTER Register >>>Your Nick is succesfully Registered....<<<<
Save Password and name

or >>> Please Login First<<<<
  >>>>>Login Format : /login <password><<<<<<
 CMD After Wrong password
>>>>>>>Wrong Password Please Try Again<<<<<<<<
CMD After login (If Correct Password)
>>>>>>>Your Succesfully Logged in <<<<<<<<

After Login / Register MSG>>>> Hope You Will Enjoy Here <<<<<

Choose The Team
Choosing team place Leaf Links Golf Course Outside  Golf Security
 << Team Blue = Tommy Vercetti , Vercetti Guy #1 Vercetti Guy #2  Spawn Place : Vercetti Estate    weapons With : m4 Spas uzi
 << Team Yellow = Phill Cossidy , Sonny , Lance Vance Spawn Place : Washington Police Station      weapons With: Stub.,Pyth, MP5
 << Team Red  =  Spanish Lady , Police Guy ,Spawn Place: Downtown Police Station  Weapons With : M4, Python , MP5
 << Team Green = Taxi Driver #1, Taxi Driver #2 Spawn Place Little Haiti Taxi House  Weapons With: MP5, STubby, Ruger

MSG After Spawn <<< You Have Spawned With Team <Colour> and player <player> >>>>

Else Message
<<The Vehicles Are n't Installed yet but u can do it from id 1 to 20 use /car <id> to get a car >>>

ELSE Commands

Command Launcher /cmds
are    /cd /car  /carsid /admins /goto /gotoloc /nogoto /saveloc   .. More CMDS soon

Extra Use of CD >>>>Error : You Can't Start a Countdown Now <<<
Process>>>> ===3===
                    =GO GO GO =

/car <id 1 to 20>
Action << Vehicle Spawn >>
else car cmd
Action <<<Showing List of cars ID>>>>
List of cars IDs

ID       Cars Name
1         Admiral
2         Washington
3         Regina
4         Police
5         Vice Squad Cheetah
6         Hotring Racer #3
7         FBI Rancher
8         FBI Washington
9         Sandking
10       Sentinal
11       Sanchez
12       Hunter
13       VCM Maverick
14       Maverick
15       Panzer
16       Comet
17       Stretch
18       Hotring Racer #2
19       Hotring Racer #1
20       Stinger
After Spawning Car Command <<< Vehicle Spawned <car>>>>

Else Message << Don't Copy the  Same Message You look like a noob >>>


Action << Admin Shower
 MSG WHEN Admin Or Head Admin Online <<< Admins In Game : < [Player]>>>>
 MSG When Admin Or Head Admin Offline <<< No Admins Online Yet >>>>

/goto <player>

Action << Teleporter to another player>>
Wrong Format Message <<< Invalid Syntax Please Use /goto <player> >>>>
Correct Format Message <<< Teleporting to <Player> Please Don't Move >>>
Teleported MSG <<< You Have been Teleported to <Player> >>>
else CMD /nogoto on or /nogoto off
ON Action << Players can teleport To player>>
OFF Action << Players can teleport to player>>
No Goto on MSG   <<< <Player> Has nogoto on  you can't Teleport to him/her >>>

/gotoloc <place>
Action <Teleport to Location> any
msg While Teleporting <<< You Are teleporting to <loc> which is named by <player>

/saveloc <name>
Action <saveloc at anywhere>
/saveloc (loc name)

MORE CMDS Coming Soon

Admin Cmds

/acmds are
  /kick /ban /annall /mute /unmute /unban more Cmds soon

/kick <player> <reason>
Action <Kick player with a reason>
Else MSG  >>>: Admin <Player> have Kicked <player> Reason: <Reason>
Self MSG >> You Have Been Kicked From This Server>>>

/ban <player> <hrs> <reason>
Action < Prior Ban on Some one Limited Time>
Else MSG <<< Prior Ban on <Player> Reason : <Reason> Time <time> admin <player>
Self msg  <<< You Have Been Kicked From This Server >>>

/mute <player> <reason>
Action < Muting players Spamming/Abusing Players >
Else MSG :  <Player> has been muted by admin <player> Reason: <reason>
Self MSG : >>>You Have Been Muted By Admin <Player> Reason: <Reason>

/unmute <player>
action <Unmuting Players >
Else Message: <<Player> Has Been unmuted from the admin >>>
Self Message  <<< You Are now able to chat with others , But be carefull next time >>>

/annall <MESSGAE>
Action < Sending Announsment> with Pink Big Letters

/unban <player>
Action < Un Banning From the server >
Else MSG : <<< <Player> is now able to come on this server>>>

More ADMIN cmds Coming Soon

Please Accept these iam a slow typer so it took for me 1 hr and 36 min  and am Struggling for Making Server

Download Link


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Re: Script For GWV's Magnificent Server
« Reply #3, on September 29th, 2015, 08:44 AM »
I really didn't understood what he is trying to say. Does he released a script or asking us to make one for him :-\

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Re: Script For GWV's Magnificent Server
« Reply #10, on September 29th, 2015, 01:11 PM »
This is just a text file of what he wants done!

@GWV-Haseeb - take a look at @S.L.C 's signature, He has some helpful links to tutorials and wiki's that will help you learn how to script.

Download some scripts from the Script Showroom here, there are some good ones created by @Doom_Killer and other scripters like myself.

I always try to comment my script's, which I hope allows you to understand the process.

Give it a go, you might surprise yourself :-)

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[Not Real] Re: Script For GWV's Magnificent Server
« Reply #12, on September 29th, 2015, 06:38 PM »

If you keep spamming the forum asking for scripts you will receive a ban. It's annoying and you've made your point: You can't script and you want your own server.
Lemme help you: Not gonna happen.