[ GameMode ] VC:MP Blank Server ( 21st March, 2021 )

Started by Sebastian, Oct 21, 2014, 09:22 PM

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Deserves xmlconf04rel plugin to be updated ?




I have seen many people that could not set up a 0.4 server, so I made a default blank server that could help some of them.
In this archive you will find all you need to run a Windows VC:MP Server.
I have added all implemented events in the main.nut.

Good luck ! ;)

PS: If links are not updated, keep updating your server with newer plugins and executives from here.


When i try to install it it says There appears to be a problem with the network.
Plz fix it :)


I think you are talking about the (one) error that announce plugin gives. (idk the reason)
But it works for me, even with that error. I see it in the masterlist, and I can join it.

If that error shows for you too, but you can still see the server in masterlist, and you can still join to it, ignore the error.


Waiting to see some cool and featured servers releasing soon. :)


Update (15.03.2015)
  • Default death messages were enabled
  • DriveOnWater is no longer enabled by default
  • All plugins were updated to the latest
  • Added /goto and /bring commands


Update (15.04.2015)
- updated plugins and executives.


Update (05.05.2015)
  • updated plugins ( announce & squirrel ) and executives.

For 32bit server users: Remove the spawn-win32 from server.cfg.
(it was left by mistake - not gonna reupload the files only for this)
(( also thanks WiLs0n for reporting this ))


if( !sucess ) tryAgain();
Thanks to the VCMP community. It was the happiest period of my life.


Seby , hi >.> , It says failed to check the squirrel by stormeus , and i also have it. Then it says that :



Error code 126 means File not found.
So make sure you got the plugins in the right directory with the right name.


Look at the console he'd just run the server.exe through Winrar thats why other files has not extracted

@TheKillerKid you must need to extract that archieve to your Desktop or C:\YourServerDir\

\  is backslash

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Update (10.06.2015)
- updated squirrel plugins and executives.


Quote from: FinchDon on Jun 10, 2015, 05:47 AMu need to add there msvcr100.dll and mvcp100.dll to make it work able
And from where to add?


Sorry seby, but the files are infected. My anti virus says the files contain virus :(


Quote from: Warrior on Jul 20, 2015, 07:46 AMSorry seby, but the files are infected. My anti virus says the files contain virus :(

This is funny. I also do have an anti-virus that is not complaining.
Anyway, the archive is kinda oldish. Don't really know if any plugins were updated, but the executives were for sure.
So you can download them from >here<.
And check/download updated plugins from Stormeu's bitbucket account.