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Map ported from the original PSP version.
The error is also generated in debuglog.txt, or you can use a different error handler to display the error as local chat.
Basic introduction:

The event handler allows you to attach functions to events in any part of the code, without having to put your functions in the same part of the code. This feature also provides the functions triggerServerEvent and triggerClientEvent that have the functionality to call events registered in both parts in a practical way.

Source-code and usage instructions:

Usage example:
addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", function(player) {
triggerClientEvent(player, "changeLabelText", "The text goes here");

addEventHandler("Script::ScriptLoad", function() {
local MyLabel = GUILabel();

addEventHandler("changeLabelText", function(text) {
MyLabel.Text = text;


  • Smooth Freeview Camera is a feature that allows the player to enter camera mode freely, with this feature you can create trailers and movies for your server, use it as a mapping tool or let you explore any corner of the city!

How to set up in your server
  • Follow the instructions given in the repository right here

Key Binds
  • Arrow Up/W - Move to front
  • Arrow Down/S - Move to back
  • Arrow Left/A - Move to left
  • Arrow Right/D - Move to right
  • PageUp - Move to Up
  • PageDown - Move to Down
  • Shift - Move faster while pressing this key
  • Home - Change HUD mode
  • Insert - Increase Speed
  • Delete - Decrease Speed
Lol if you guys want to keep feeding this shitty drama please redirect yourself to a television channel. You're not adding a fucking thing to hear an "investigation", if there was any more evidence it would be added way before the shit you engender in a thread that has to do with a banned server and nothing to do with your personal fight. Before you have the courage to say that my opinion is no good, have the courage to just say your name, anyone wants to talk but doesn't want to show up (if I had supported them they wouldn't screw me for not being related to me).

Just wait for the answer and quiet your ass.

Individual Gravity system v0.2b

VC:MP itself has the possibility to change the gravity, however this function when used affects the gravity of all players, but today I bring a practical way to solve this.

Here's a video showing how it works for someone who wants to see it before testing the code:

Repository (v0.2b)

  • Download the script files from the repository above and past in scripts/ folder.
  • Load the script using dofile("scripts/i_gravity.nut");.
  • Adept this to some events:
function onPlayerJoin(player) {

function onPlayerMove(player, lastX, lastY, lastZ, newX, newY, newZ) {

    How to use:
    • -Simple, after you have added the script, execute the player.SetGravity(some value here, must be number) in any part of you code you want, then gravity will take effect on the entity.
    Added functions: player.SetGravity(number gravity)

    [spoiler]function onPlayerCommand(player, cmd, text)
    if ( cmd == "setgravity" ) {
    if (!text) PrivMessage(player, "Use: /" + cmd + " <player/ID> <value>");
    else {
    local plr = FindPlayer(GetTok(text, " ", 1));
    if (!plr) PrivMessage(player, "Invalid player.");
    else {
    local value = GetTok(text, " ", 2);
    if (value == null) PrivMessage(player, "You must input a value.");
    else if (!IsNum(value)) PrivMessage(player, "The value type must be integer|float.");
    else {
    PrivMessage(player, "You've set " + plr.Name + "'s gravity to: " + value.tointeger() + ".");

    /* GetTok() by KAKAN */

    function GetTok(string, separator, n, m = 0) {
    n = n - 1;
    m = m > 0 ? m : n + 1;
    local tokenized = split(string, separator),
    text = "";
    if(n > tokenized.len() || n < 0 || m > tokenized.len()) return null;
    tokenized = tokenized.slice(n, m);
    return tokenized.reduce( function(prev, next) { return (prev + separator + next) });

    • This won't work as own VCMP gravity.
    • The default gravity value is 0.
    • This will just work if the player's gravity is != 0.
    • Negative numbers will work too.

    Thanks to S.L.C for clarifying a doubt so that the player.SetGravity() return would work the way I wanted.
    Have you tried using label.TextColour?
    Servers / Re: The Vest Survivor
    Mar 24, 2021, 06:49 PM
    Topic updated.
    GUILabel().Text color not updating/reseting after text change.


    How to reproduce:

    Label <- GUILabel();
    Label.TextColour = Colour(255, 255, 255, 255);
    Label.FontFlags = GUI_FFLAG_BOLD;
    Label.Text = "[#ff00ff]purple colored text";
    //Example 2: "purple colored [#ff00ff]text";

    After this, change the GUILabel().Text value:
    Label.Text = "purple colored text";or
    Label.Text = "purple colored[#ffffff0] text";Even putting a color or not, the text color will not change or will not change correctly.

    I realized the test using a client-side /execc.
    Quote from: Sebastian on Mar 18, 2021, 10:23 AM@Razor. did a custom radar, so maybe he can help.

    I assume you want a custom map like the one you access through Main Menu -> Map.
    Well, first I used an original map sprite and then I resized it to the size that matches the radar in GTA V (that's right, the rectangular shape), after that I used the Sprite UV method, this method consists of cutting a sprite being able to use 4 corners of it being:
    BottomRightUV = VectorScreen(X, Y)
    TopLeftUV = VectorScreen(X, Y)
    There's a better explanation made by @DMWarrior

    When using this function, it doesn't matter if the image size is 1024x760 or 1366×1200, as long as you keep the map in the same place you want to make it in the calculation, no matter what resolution, it will always still in the same place.

    Then I used the Script::ScriptProcess() method and used calculations so that the player is in agreement with the cut of the map (UV Sprite), it is also necessary that you involve some calc in the same line to avoid the Sprite stretch, this is really a horrible thing to do.
    In-game object hide/show editor

    • Introduction: I know that a lot of people who went through the scripting area at VC: MP find it boring or boring to go to the mED or any other map editor to get the ID and the coordinates of the object and then hide it or show it. Now with this editor, it is much easier to do this job.

    • Guide:
      Just enter the editor, use the command: /editmode on (BOOL), after that the server will give you an M60, shoot it against any object and press DELETE (To hide) or INSERT (To show) (WARNING: If you press DELETE to hide the object and then exit editing, it will not be possible to revert the object through automatic means).

    • Commands and Keys:
      [spoiler]/editmode <on/off> --> Enable/Disabled edit mode
      INSERT --> Show the object.
      DELETE --> Hide the object.
      BACKSPACE --> End the edition.

    • Notes:
      • WARNING: If you press DELETE to hide the object and then exit editing, it will not be possible to revert the object through automatic means.
      • You can't delete LOD's using this editor.
      • The object list is saved in Database, so they'll load (be hidden) at server start.
      • The selected object will be saved in database when pressing the button [DELETE], or deleted of database if pressing the button [INSERT].
    Servers / Re: FunVice Deathmatch server
    Mar 01, 2021, 08:40 PM
    Really impressionant!
    Servers / Re: [0.4] The vest survivor | BETA
    Feb 23, 2021, 07:33 PM
    Topic has been updated.

    The server name is now The vest survivor.
    And major updates has been added.
    Topic has been updated.

    Beta gameplay:

    Credits to Fanta for recording and editing the video!
    (best moment 15:15)
    A public beta will be opened at 15GMT of day 13th.
    Stay tuned and call your friends!